MIT Technology Review sees 2019 becoming a big year for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology...

MIT Technology Review, a publication owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released an article today evaluating the current state of blockchain technology along with a look at what's to come next.

Summarized, they point out 2017 was filled with a lot of excitement without much to show for it. 2018 was spent catching up as several big corporations began planning major projects in the space - these plans become reality as these projects will all launch in 2019.

Highlighting industries from healthcare to automotive implementing blockchain tech, along with Walmart's blockchain powered supply tracking system that has been in development and testing for years but is finally ready for it's official launch.

On the topic of cryptocurrency specifically, some of the most influential companies from the finance & investment world launch their projects as well,  MIT Technology Review says:

"...the owner of the New York Stock Exchange and one of the most influential players on Wall Street, plans to launch its own digital asset exchange in early 2019. And Fidelity Investments recently created a new company called Fidelity Digital Assets.

The main thing Fidelity brings to the table is a so-called custody service for crypto-assets. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have argued that big investors like hedge funds, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds are itching to put billions of dollars into digital assets..."

The MIT Technology Review believes that seeing blockchain technology being used will become so common, it will 'start to become mundane'.

You can read the full publication here.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk