Hackers steal documents relating to 9/11, demand Bitcoin ransom - but conspiracy theorists should lower their expectations...

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An international hacker group, The Dark Overlord, have announced they have stolen hundreds of gigabytes related with 9/11 attacks.  The content includes a total of 18,000 emails, non-disclosure agreements, expert witness testimonies and communications with government officials related to the 9/11 attacks.

Note from the Global Crypto Press Association:
In our analysis of this situation the Global Crypto Press believes the hack itself is legitimate, and did indeed happen.

However, it appears 9/11 conspiracy believers sharing this story out of excitement are likely to be disappointed in the end.

In a now deleted screen shot of the documents the hacker group posted from their verified account on a message board, we could see 9/11 being referred to as a terrorist attack, no differently than usual.  It is highly unlikely other documents from this same source would then go on to say something different.

While there are varying personal views among our reporters and analysts when it comes to 9/11 - after review of this case, none believe these documents contain any information of public interest. 

There may still be information the people and companies named within these documents would not want public - such as financial data, and information on potentially confidential projects that were destroyed.

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