It's now "Dr. Vitalik Buterin"...

The Ethereum creator has just received an honorary doctorate degree from University of Basel, they shared their reasoning for choosing him:

"In recognition of his contribution to promoting decentralization and equal rights of participation in the digital revolution, as well as for his achievements in relation to cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and institutional design.

The co-founder and inventor of “Ethereum” – a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology – authored his scientific publications without an academic degree or ties to a university."

Ironically, Vitalik is a college dropout himself, quitting after receiving a $100,000 fellowship from billionaire Peter Theil.

“I’m honored to have received an honorary doctorate from the University of Basel, the oldest University of Switzerland. Switzerland is well known for its innovative blockchain research." says Buterin.

The Thiel Fellowship actually required Buterin and all of it's candidates to drop out before they can can receive the money, the President of Harvard once commented "I think the single most misdirected bit of philanthropy in this decade is Peter Thiel's special program to bribe people to drop out of college."

But it seems to have all worked out for Vitalik.
Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk