NYC apartment building being turned into cryptocurrency tokens - "Own a piece at a dollar a pop"...

Blockchain, and tokenized assets are presenting a revolutionary new way to fund a real estate development.  But it won’t stop here - a wave of new tokens with this concept are coming...

“Literally 25-30 million people can own a piece of this at a dollar a pop. When has that ever been possible?”

Many people believe the next cryptocurrency boom is coming soon, and it will revolve around this concept.

The "security token" could potentially bring sweeping changes to the concept of investing, where the average person suddenly has access to participate in projects they otherwise never could.  Then, for businesses large and small 'tokenizing' assets and making them available on cryptocurrency marketplaces could become a standard business practice.

Real world assets, represented by a token - with all of the trading and tracking abilities enabled by blockchain technology!

Video courtesy of Bloomberg.