Following a sold out pre-ico presale, Crest Token's public sale is about to begin - meet them this week at Blockchain Expo Silicon Valley!

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The words "sold out" or "cap reached" have become a lot more rare to see in 2018, with the exception of several projects where the use case for a token is clear. Crest Token is one of those cases.

That's because the project actually revolves around a digital advertising platform called the "DigiAd Platform" which makes real structual improvements to the current model, it outlines ways advertisers can get better results, and publishers can increase their revenue for running the ads.  So the token's role is clear  - it's essential, because advertisers will need them if they want to use the platform.

We asked Founder and CEO Ben Sanders to outline the concept behind it "I have seen how millions of people online struggle to capitalize on the $300Bn online marketing/digital advertising industry due to lack of knowledge and experience. I decided to put a platform together using the blockchain technology that will allow members benefit from professional advertisers and publishers/affiliates (Crest DigiAd Platform), while developing their skillset in becoming successful publishers/affiliates or learning how to run a profitable ad campaigns for any crypto or non-crypto related ads (Crest Affiliate Marketing Education System - CAMES)" says Sanders.

Sanders will also be a guest speaker at the Silicon Valley Blockchain Expo on it's 2nd day, (Thur November 29th) at the "Innovations & Investors Zone" at 12:20pm (link)

The DigiAd platform utilities two emerging tech sectors, both AI and blockchain, with the end goal of ease of use that will allow for businesses with little digital marketing experience to launch powerful global campaigns - all without having to hire an expensive digital marketing director to make it happen.

Here's some of it's stand-out features:

- It allows crypto and non-crypto related advertisers and publishers to cross-promote and benefit across several industries and ad verticals.
- It enables non-crypto Advertisers and Publishers/Affiliates to enter the large and ever growing crypto/blockchain market.
- It allows crypto-focused Publishers/Affiliates to generate income outside of the crypto space, especially during the low crypto traffic demands.
- It allows members to develop their marketing skills through our educational system called CAMES.

Building all of it is a team that already knows the space, their current ventures are already pulling in 20+ million unique visitors each month, and their combined experience in the digital advertising space totals decades. Their CEO also knows what works in the cryptocurrency space as well, having participated in over 40+ ICOs himself.

Those attending the Silicon Valley Blockchain Expo can meet the team in person at booth #114.

For more information, visit them at
Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk

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