Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randi jumps into the cryptocurrency world...

Mark Zukerberg's sister Randi worked at Facebook for nearly 7 years. She's a Harvard graduate and other previous work experience includes 2 years at marketing firm Ogilvy & Mather, as well as serving as a correspondent for CNN during the 2008 election.

After all that, she ended up staring her own company called Zuckerberg Media, which has produced content for the Clinton Global Initiative, Cirque du Soleil, the United Nations, and Bravo TV.

Her latest move however though is a direct move into the world of crypto, joining the team at the international cryptocurrency exchange Huobi.  Her advisory role is outlined as:

"As a member of the Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee, Zuckerberg will assist in the development of Huobi’s public blockchain and will further lend her expertise to the governance of Huobi Chain itself.

The Huobi Chain Advisory Committee will provide comprehensive professional advice and insights on the underlying technology, industry application, business model construction and other dimensions of the blockchain. They will also offer advice and support during the election of the Huobi Chain Leader Championship."

It's hard to say if this it's a direct result of this announcement, but following the announcement Huobi's native token which trades under the symbol 'HT' rose nearly 10%.  Maybe the expectation now is - if Facebook does one day officially enter the cryptocurrency world, he's going to have to include the company his sister is at.

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk