Cryptocurrency classes explode in US College's over the last year - now 42% offer at least one course on the subject!

A study conducted by researchers at CoinBase have found that student requests for official courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain have been answered - well, in at least in 42% of the top 50 universities.

The study highlights these key findings...

● 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain.

● Students from a range of majors are interested in crypto and blockchain courses — and universities are adding courses across a variety of departments.

● Original Coinbase research includes a Qriously survey of 675 U.S. students, a comprehensive review of courses at 50 international universities, and interviews with professors and students.

The universities leading with the most courses on the subject are Stanford with 10, and Cornell with 9.

David Yermack of New York University Stern School of Business was one of the first - beginning his courses on cryptocurrency back in 2014 says "A process is well underway that will lead to the migration of most financial data to blockchain-based organizations. Students will benefit greatly by studying this area.

The full findings of the report can be found here.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco News Desk