Turning that old Windows PC or laptop into a crypto miner has never been easier - Honeyminer Review...

We were really pretty impressed with the new mining software by HoneyMiner, so I thought i'd do a quick review for our readers.

The basics of how it works is the mining program runs on virtually any Windows PC, it then figures out what type of mining your computer can do, and the most profitable coin to mine at the moment and automatically starts mining that coin!

Simple interface makes the software easy to use for anyone (download it here)
The best part is, instead of dealing with earning a bunch of random coins, they automatically convert your mining earnings to Bitcoin!   What I was impressed with the most - your earnings don't sit 'pending' - they're instantly added to your balance every minute, and you can freely withdraw as you wish!

To kick it off, they're starting everyone off with some free BTC in their mining wallet (1000 Satoshi's!)

Check out www.HoneyMiner.com to begin - it took me less than 5 minutes to setup and begin mining!
Author: Adam Lee 
Honey Miner Review: Legit
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