The Virtual World of Marketing: Trivver ICO

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TV commercials and billboards are officially a thing of the past. The new paradigm heralds an era of progressive marketing challenging everything we thought we knew about advertising and product placement.

What if I told you that you could shop for and instantly buy that item right in front of you? Perhaps choose a different color on the spot, or save your preference for a later purchase? These are some of the concepts explored by Trivver, a new blockchain ad technology that brings 3D product placement to the world of extended reality.

The idea is pretty simple. Trivver allows advertisers to put 3D objects into virtual and augmented reality. The goal is to monetize the experience, which would bring new revenue to VR while giving the consumer a more personal and interactive experience. Of course, there’s a built-in shopping app, too.

Advertisers will be able to make elaborate 3D ad campaigns. Publishers can monetize their content. Consumers will be rewarded for their participation in tokens. Win-win-win.

XR (Extended Reality) is expected to generate a 2021 revenue of $215 billion, according to the Trivver whitepaper. With all that content and development, there will undoubtedly be a powerful ad platform supporting the industry. If advertising is to make up even a fraction of that sum, Trivver is positioning to be in the eye of the storm.

Trivver is starting with what they call “generic smart objects” or GSOs. These are the customizable 3D shapes that will be used in VR and AR environments. A white-label aluminum can, for instance, could be any brand of soda. It’s an easy way to introduce the concept. These objects are “smart” in that they are digitally attached to all kind of relevant info: SKU data, product offers, social media links, coupons, etc. Trivver plans to have a catalog made up of thousands of these GSOs to represent everything from electronics to foodstuffs.

There is a wealth of information to discover. Trivver understands that the sheer amount of data to be recorded and analyzed is critical and should be privacy-protected, so they are committed to the responsible use of all gathered private details.

While the marketing concept is lofty, the Trivver tech is down-to-earth, at least by crypto standards. The ERC20 TRVR tokens will be tradeable on popular exchanges, while the advertising info will have its own XR AD Exchange (XRAE). Eventually a proprietary but decentralized blockchain will hold the project together. For technical details on how this all works, see their thorough whitepaper at

The ICO is preparing for token distribution this year, with “predictive analytics” on growth following soon after in early 2019. The blockchain launch is expected sometime in 201. The leadership team is made up of advertising and marketing heavyweights, while CTO Simon Keating is known for hit game credits such as the Harry Potter Series.

Token sale ends September 28th. Visit for more details.
Author: Vincent Russo
Los Angeles News Desk

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