Venture Capital's big blockchain makeover - our look at EQUI...

There's a bit of irony here, we always hear stories about venture capitalist investors constantly on the hunt for the next hot thing in tech and virtually all the top firms are now in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space today, directly or though companies they hold stake in.

But while they've been out looking for whats next in tech, not much about the world of venture capital investing has changed for quite some time. It's time for the venture capital world, to see how they can improve and streamline their own industry.

One of the companies out to do that is EQUI, who has roadmap to bring venture capital investing into the modern world, and while doing so, make expand it's reach so individuals, not just huge firms can participate in the marketplace.

"Traditionally, venture capital has been the preserve of institutions and ultra high net worth investors. Now for the first time, non-industry professionals will have a chance to back the next hot investment opportunity that most of us only get to hear about in the media" says lead founder Doug Barrowman.

Their process will work like this - first EQUI's board of directors consisting of 'visionary entrepreneurs' will research and identify projects that they see as innovative and could benefit from an injection of venture capital.

Now here's where blockchain comes in - users of the platform will then have a chance to invest into the companies EQUI finds worthy, under terms and through transactions protected by smart contracts.  Within the smart contracts will be things like project maturity estimates, caps and targets. Investors can then participate by using their platforms token, the 'EQUItoken'.

Then they take a hands on approach - offering operational support and strategic advice needed to turn the company's vision into a reality. Overseeing the standard stages of investment - seed, early, and growth.

This method of investing allows for levels of flexibility benefiting the investor this space hasn't seen before.  EQUItoken holders can contribute as many or as few as they wish towards companies. Investors will receive 70% (pro-rata) of the profits generated from projects they invest in.

The EQUI ICO will begin in March in two phases, full information can be found at

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
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