Crypto strikes back - strong week sends global market cap back to over $500 Billion!

After a rough January -  February seems to be a month of recovery!

At the time of publishing, the total market cap has been hovering in the $490-$510 billion range, at one point today even nearing $520 billion.

The whales (large investors) seem to be returning as well - as blockchain activity shows some large buys.  No surprise, Bitcoin topping the list with a single purchase totaling $40 Million taking place yesterday.

The altcoin star of the week award however goes to Litecoin. Which begun the week at $142, and now sits at a healthy $220! News of their new payment platform LitePay (link) seems to be the reason for the rise - also worth noting some impressive Ethereum gains too!

In the clear? For now it seems so, after what took place between the SEC and Congress (link) alleviating fears of new regulation in the US, along with South Korean officials seemingly backtracking on their previous harsh words regarding possible regulation in that nation as well.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk