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Bitfinex Launches Affiliate Program with 1 Big Surprise - 3 Tiers Of Earnings!

While we knew the Bitfinex Affiliate Program was coming, what no one expected was for it to be 3 tiers.

Bitfinex rose to fame by leading the way for leveraged trading in the cryptocurrency market, offering their users up to 100X on trades, turning a $10 trade into $1000 in value.

However, Bitfinex isn't without controversy, recently they banned US members - which are still found openly discussing how they use the site anyway via proxy or VPN.  But they did lose thousands of traders who were successfully scared off of the platform.

But Bitfinex has proven to be unstoppable thus far, and I wouldn't worry about waking up one day to the site, and your commissions gone.

So, here's how the tiers will work:

- The friend you referred, you earn 18% of their exchange fees.
- People your friend referred, 6% of their exchange fees.
- Friends of friends, 2% of their exchange fees.

Bitfinex isn't an exchange for HODLers - the frequency of trading by users means this could end up being pretty lucrative.

... well, maybe.

There's one potentially huge problem - who doesn't know about Bitfinex at this point? 

But there's always new traders coming into the market, and long term this could still be a win for those who manage to get a couple people to join every week.

Anyone who signs up to Bitfinex can access the affiliate program by clicking the button at the top right of the site.

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk