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Digital Wallet Group Launches 2nd IEO to Improve Remittance and e-Wallet Services for International Citizens...

Digital Wallet Corporation offers integrated financial solution for international citizens across remittance, FX, investment, and other consumer financial services.

Tokyo, Japan, October 15, 2019 – Digital Wallet Corporation, a Japanese fintech company, today announced its 2nd IEO to be launched on October 16, 2019. The funds will go towards technical improvements and expanding the mobile wallet technology to countries outside of Japan.|

Since it launched in 2016, Digital Wallet Corporation has built a platform for users to their mobile phone to remit money to other countries at any time, any day.  The mobile remittance service “Smiles” has earned the highest number of downloads ever in the Japan market and the business has been profitable.  Based on this platform, Digital Wallet Corporation is expanding the service to various Asian countries as part of a new investment service through DWC tokens issued by Digital Wallet.

The Digital Wallet IEO will conduct its first round from October 16, 2019 to October 22, 2019 and the second IEO round from October 25, 2019 to October 31, 2019. DWC tokens will be sold at US$0.20 apiece for Round I and US$0.25 apiece for Round II.

Eiji Miyakawa, Founder & CEO of Digital Wallet Corporation, said: “Digital Wallet Project allows international citizens using fiat to benefit from new investment opportunities in the Philippines through cryptocurrency, which would otherwise not have been accessible. We see the potential of cryptocurrency to be a universal financial platform and an alternative to traditional project financing.”

The IEO will be hosted by the ExMarkets IEO Launchpad.

This second IEO follows the initial DWC Token offering which was issued as the third Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) on DigiFinex’s platform on 28 August 2019.

About DWC Project
The DWC Project is a global money transfer and investment wallet developed by Digital Wallet Corporation. Leveraging on the success of mobile remittance service “Smiles”, DWC Project gives customers access to Asian investment projects through the DWC Token offered through DigiFinex and ExMarkets.

DWC Project Official Community and Information:
Twitter: @DWCProject
Official Website:

About Digital Wallet Corporation
Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC) is a Japan-based fintech company with businesses in global money transfer and payment services, digital wallet, cryptocurrency investments, and mobile marketing. DWC launched Smiles Mobile Remittance in 2016 as Japan’s first mobile remittance service. It also offers customers access to investment projects in Asia through the listing of the DWC Token on DigiFinex’s Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) platform Apollo 3.

Visit us at, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram or find out about the DWC Token on

Digital Wallet Corporation
PR Department

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1000 Tokens FREE For EVERYONE - The Blockchain Powered App That Pays Users To Explore The World...

Get paid to explore the world!

The Coin App has launched, and this is one project you want to keep an eye on.

That's because they've pulled off something new, blurring the lines between the digital and real world with the creation of "Geo Mining" - earning tokens by going to a location in the real world.

Staying true to the ideology of blockchain, users also control where those locations are. For example a business can turn their address into a geo-mining location and attract people to their location by rewarding them with tokens.

But that's not the only way to earn tokens, you'll be mining through the app as long as you have it running throughout the day.

Where they've really gone all out - their hardware.  Want to put your coin earning power into overdrive, they have an entire geomining kit that includes their pocket-sized mining sentinels and their hardware bridge.

Rather than ranting here, you can learn all about on their platform after you hurry up and claim 1000 tokens just to download the free app, there's iPhone and Android versions!


Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk

CEO Of TNC Group Bruce Jeong, Meets With Susan Zook From Facebook's Libra Project...

TNC Group CEO Bruce Jeong recently met with Susan Zook, one of Facebook Libra’s lobbyists. Jeong took the opportunity to discuss TNC Group’s plans and propositions to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Zook has shown a positive impression of TNC as a blockchain- focused company, discussing how Facebook Libra can collaborate with TNC Group.

According to Jeong, Zook responded positively to the presentation of TNC’s projects and services. He also added that among all of TNC’s project, Zook was mainly interested in the establishment of Blockchain Academy. An investment in blockchain education that aims to drive economic progress in developing countries through the construction of Smart Crypto Cities.

Zook was a former aide to the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, which executed the hearing for Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra in Washington last July. She owns her own consulting firm Mason Street Consulting. Zook had confirmed in an email that she was hired by Zuckerburg to focus on lobbying Senate Republicans. In its aggressive pursuit to launch Libra, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has met with various government officials and gathered a team to help him start Libra.

Malloy McDanniel of West Front Strategies was also present in the meeting. He is also a principal for Blank Rome, an AM Law 100 firm providing legal services. During the discussion, Zook has recognized some gaps in crypto regulations, which business strategist McDanniel suggests TNC consultancy services can adequately fill.

“We have discussed blockchain technology as an emerging industry and the challenging situation for crypto regulations in the USA,” said Jeong. “As a blockchain consultancy company, it’s going to be a pleasure for TNC to render our services for Susan and Libra.”

Jeong also revealed that meeting Zook opened new horizons and possibilities for TNC. He is optimistic about sharing that this meeting is exactly what TNC needs and is well-aligned to the company’s goals. As part of their company road map, TNC aims to start business operations in the country well-aligned with its plan to relocate the company headquarters in New York, USA.

TNC Group has a long-term goal of bringing together the best projects with innovative blockchains and create a bigger ecosystem for the blockchain and crypto industry. TNC believes that this will enable more people to be aware and choose to use cryptocurrencies.

At the end of the meeting with Zook, Jeong wrapped things up by expressing his interest to meet Facebook’s Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Jeong mentioned, “I told Susan that I really want to meet Mark Zuckerberg. I believe that it is very beneficial for both TNC Group and Facebook Libra to have friendly relations.” Jeong also said that this can pave the way for possible future business collaborations between Facebook and TNC.

Author: Ezra Reguerra
Guest Contributor

Crypto-mining Product Brokers Reveal BitHarp Scam...

Claims Fake Products Steal Bitcoin From Victims...
Los Angeles, Calif., October 2, 2019 -- Bitcoin mining brokers have been talking about a scam that has been circulating the internet. The company is called BitHarp, and it sells cryptomining devices that it claims disrupt the industry. It markets the devices to new or aspiring miners and claims that the easy-to-use devices can be utilized at home, in data centers or at offices. On its website, it lists two cryptomining devices for sale. One is called the Lyre, which is a smaller liquid mining rig for $5,000. A larger product called the Harp is a direct-cooling liquid mining rig. The company claims that it has a high hash rate power and sells it for a price of $25,000.

A video found at that reveals the BitHarp scam breaks down some inconsistencies in the BitHarp promotional video. In the BitHarp video, two gentlemen who supposedly work for the company introduce themselves to one another for the first time. One of the men talks about BitHarp's mining device and says that it is manufactured and designed for people with no knowledge of crypto-mining. In another part of the video, he says that the miner works like a plugin. As the creator of the video says, this statement leaves people confused. They may assume that it is a browser plugin. Since the video shows an actual device in the product pictures, it is evident that they should refer to the miner as a plug-and-play device. Also, the reviewer pointed out that the products have not and cannot be reviewed because they do not exist.

In addition to the poor grammar and descriptive mistakes in the promotional script, a BitHarp spokesperson makes an evidence-lacking claim that investors get a return on their investment during the first month. He also claims that using the Lyre device is as simple as entering a data field and starting the mining process.

Ethical cryptomining equipment brokers are hoping to spread the word about this scam to the public. As the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, there will likely be more scams. Honest brokers want to educate new and aspiring miners about their options and how to avoid scams. Scott Offord, a notable bitcoin mining equipment broker, has also confirmed that BitHarp is a scam.

"BitHarp has been stealing bitcoin from people who are uneducated on the way that cryptocurrency mining actually works" Offord said in a statement. "What they are claiming is just not technologically feasible. Their office address has been confirmed to not exist as a real office. I feel sorry for those who have sent BitHarp their bitcoin because there is absolutely no way for them to get it back.” Since bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow sellers to remain anonymous, they are popular with scammers. Offord and other concerned brokers encourage people to talk to a reputable broker before investing in any cryptomining equipment.

Media Contact:
Scott Offord
+1 262-204-7265

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Crypto Clothing, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies from Investor Life Clothing - Newest Designs Are Out NOW!

Investor Life Clothing is excited to announce their designs have hit the Amazon marketplace! This summer is all about EYE CATCHING looks that fellow cryptocurrency traders and bitcoin enthusiasts will spot in a crowd!

The first among them is their new "Super B" for Bitcoin, combing two well known designs into one fresh look.

Then, a bold statement about how you live - on the Blockchain!  This is for those who know that Blockchain is the supreme tech of today.

By popular demand, we also brought back the "Bitcoin King Of Crypto" design which features a bold eye catching Bitcoin symbol, faded on a variety of colors.

Lastly, something everyone can relate to - this season's statement tee says "Eat, Sleep, Trade, Repeat."

You won't be able to walk a block without getting the look of approval from at least one fellow trader, and don't be surprised if they ask you where you got it!

Visit the Investor Life Clothing Store on Amazon now!

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Buyaladdin Acquires US License, Grand Opening Soon...

Long since the live demonstration of Buyaladdin in New York on July 16, 2019, there has been massive media coverage and buildup surrounding the new crypto shopping platform. Finalizing the last stage before its grand opening, Buyaladdin has received its operating license in the United States. This was part of the operation as we continue to conduct our beta tests. The team of developers had completed Buyaladdin’s alpha tests at the end of August and have ongoing beta tests of the application through the whole month of September.

Buyaladdin integrated more than 50 major retailers worldwide to offer customers an extensive variety of high-quality products. Some of these shopping malls include Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Coupang, and Lazada. Buyaladdin will also be able to support a variety of cryptocurrencies on its payment system including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ABBC Coin

Another unique feature of Buyaladdin is the customers’ ability to send user recommendations based on their location. This would assure that users will be updated on the most popular items in their region. Users can also save items for future purchases in their ‘wishlist’ and complete an instant membership in any retailers through the ‘quick join’ in-app feature.

Buyaladdin is set to start off with around 100 million users, and that number is predicted to balloon in no time. The project will grow by accumulating more crypto-asset holders and targeting the billions of people who cannot access or benefit from the existing financial system. Using the Buyaladdin platform doesn’t require you to have a bank account; all you would need is a crypto wallet. More developments within the project are expected to take place in the future as ABBC continues with its plan of revolutionizing the e-commerce sector.

Aside from the crypto payment system, Buyaladdin also has an in-app mileage feature. Users who will purchase items on the app through fiat payment methods can gain mileage points which they can redeem for various in-app perks. This fiat mileage feature makes Buyaladdin suitable for all types of customers: both crypto and non-crypto shoppers globally.

Once all preparations are completed and the beta testing concluded, the Buyaladdin platform will be available to the public in November 2019. Users will then be able to make online purchases among famous shopping malls all around the world through Buyaladdin. Users will have the exclusive privilege of purchasing their products using cryptocurrency. This is the latest edition of ABBC’s plan to reshape and revolutionize the e-commerce industry by trailblazing the idea of cryptocurrency being integrated into its payment system

The ABBC team, together with its global partners and well-experienced developers, have worked tirelessly to develop this platform that will connect the world of cryptocurrency and e-commerce. All supporters and followers are appreciated for continuous support as ABBC aims to deliver ambitious projects.

Keep an eye out for additional shopping features and shopping mall options that will be integrated into the Buyaladdin platform.


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WOWX Company and Blockchain Academy Launch...

WOWX recently held a grand event to celebrate the official launch of their company and Blockchain Academy, at the Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Among the attendees were the company Founders, Management, VIP guests, press and members.

The event started with a dazzling laser drum performance by an all female troupe.

First to speak was WOWX’s CEO Chow Pak Teng, who presented their Roadmap to be among the Top 10 Crypto Exchanges in the world within 2 years. In 5 years, WOWX wants to be a local exchange in every corner of the world. And bring to the public a crypto exchange that truly prioritizes it’s users and enables mass adoption for cryptocurrency.

Then they presented what the public can expect from WOWX,

● Licensed crypto exchange and wallet from Estonia
● Bank-grade security and firewall
● Trading fee as low as 0%
● Potential passive income from 2-level referral program if your friends are active traders
● Spend your crypto directly on merchants
● Active community of crypto traders and investors
● Learn all about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency from WOWX Blockchain Academy

WOWX Blockchain Academy’s partner E C Uday Senan spoke about the importance of education to help the public understand and benefit the most from Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. WOWX will be organizing a series of webinars, talks and classes on Blockchain soon.

After the informative speeches, WOWX signed a partnership and listing agreement with YSDT, a token listed on CMC and an MOU with top Blockchain educator Belfrics Academy to be WOWX Blockchain Academy partner in providing high quality Blockchain education to South East Asia.

At the end of the event, guests mingle and network freely over tea break as we herald the exciting start of WOWX company and Blockchain Academy.

To learn more, find WOWX online at:

Author: Charlie Williams
UK News Desk

Innovasis Hotels Introduces The New Industry Experts Joining Their Team, as Blockchain Powered Hotels Project Moves Forward...

Innovasis Hotels is steadily moving forward towards accomplishing their first goal of constructing their first paradise location #1 on Puerto Rico. To ensure that they accomplish this goal in an efficient manner, they have recently strengthened their team with some experts.

The first person that they have the pleasure of introducing is Dinesh Shawla who joins them as their new International Director of Development and Strategy.

Dinesh has developed 18 hotels in the United States and is a shareholder in all of them. These include hotels such as the Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, and Rodeway Inn. His company has won 13 national awards for various hotels. He is very experienced in hotel development and operations, and has been in the Hotel industry for 30 years!

Dinesh loved Innovasis Hotels and their teams vision from the moment he saw it, and they had the chance to meet in New York to get to know each other better.

Innovasis Hotels CEO Pawel Alva Nazaruk welcomes Dinesh Shawla. 
Another amazing aspect of this collaboration is that Dinesh is coming to them with his entire team! He is bringing onboard his team consisting of;

- Architect
- Hotel Interior Designer
- Hotel Kitchen Designer
- Hotel Executives that are taking care of the logistical planning needed for smooth operation
- Chief Real Estate Research and Development Locator
- Fundraiser in Chief
- Chief Construction Advisor
- Chief Master Planning and Retail/Restaurant Development
- Vice President of Operations

And a few more.

The second person Innovasis Hotels have the pleasure of introducing is Amjad Omar, who joins them as their new Water Technology advisor. Amjad has helped them to thoroughly calculate, design and price the water system for Innovasis Hotels. He will be overseeing the entire water treatment development, which includes water desalination and water treatment, helping them become highly effective and efficient. He has over 25 years of experience in this industry and has delivered hundreds of projects worldwide.

Next up is Jason Carrier who is joining the Innovasis Hotels team as an advisor and expert on modular farms. He was one of the very first people that helped them calculate their modular farm needs, capacity, and power usage. As you might know, Innovasis Hotels not only produces their own water and electricity, but large amounts of food as well. An Innovasis Hotel is self reliant, and self sufficient. The company needed answers to such questions as how much food they can produce within a certain budget. They had to find out how much freshwater they will need daily. How much wastewater they will have to utilize. How much power the entire infrastructure will consume. How fast they can grow vegetables, and so on. Jason helped them to figure out all of these things. He provided Innovasis Hotels with the data needed to put modular farms into their business plan, and the team feel that they are very fortunate to have an expert like him as an advisor.

Last but not least, they have Francisco Laboy joining them as an advisor and expert in large scale Solar Farms. Francisco, is a well known and respected entrepreneur from London, UK, who now specializes in solar panel technology, including big solar farms, in Puerto Rico and the Carribean. Francisco has many local connections, workers, delivery teams, engineers, and government connections that can deliver any solar farm from concept to completion. Innovasis Hotels met with Francisco multiple times during their trips to Puerto Rico, and having a local partner like him on the team is extremely important. They are thrilled to have him join their Advisory Board and have his expert help to set up their solar farm infrastructure.

In addition to these experts joining the Innovasis Hotels team, the company has the pleasure of announcing that they have received their first official government recommendation. This is also the first step to receiving the government's tax credits, and they can receive up to $4.5 MLN USD in the first year from the Puerto Rican government. Click here to see the letter, and you will also find additional explanations as to what the tax credits are.

Make sure you follow all channels to stay tuned about the progress of Innovasis Hotels.


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TNC Group Announces Plans for Mergers & Acquisitions in Crypto Market - Over 2000 Companies Undergoing Research and Appraisal...

No question about it - TNC Group's 2019 has been all about progress and non-stop growth, as they expand both the services they offer, and the audience they're able to offer services to.

At the same time their in-house capabilities grew, their research arm was evaluating over 2,000 other companies in the blockchain & cryptocurrency sector, which they have now narrowed down to the top 500 among them.

But why? Today the Dubai based company announced the reason they've been giving their fellow blockchain companies a closer look.

TNC is launching the first mergers and acquisitions (M&A) program in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space!

Hitting the ground running, the company says "The M&A process is already underway, as the appraisal team have begun the process of reviewing the crypto companies and communicating with those they have found with great potential."

The long term goal for TNC is - whatever vital blockchain services they do not develop internally will still become part of TNC's wheelhouse, by acquiring a company that already has it mastered, thus making TNC the "one-stop-shop for every blockchain need, of every company".

Lots of win/win deals ready to be made.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is exploding with growth, and while there's a lot of investor funding pouring in, many underestimate how many companies are fighting over those limited funds.

That means there's some powerful tech being developed that may never see the light of day - unless a company like TNC comes along.

I've worked in Silicon Valley for over a decade now, and I've seen it too many times to count - the downfall of a company you once thought really had a chance.

But without even realizing it's happening, startups can find themselves sucked into the pitfalls of the business.  One day they're a brand new company with fresh ideas and a motivated team ready to execute them, then they realize doing something revolutionary is insanely expensive.

Next thing you know, it's been months since the first thing on the meeting agenda was the product they're building - now focus is on raising more capital, to remain operational long enough to raise more capital.

For these companies, being acquired by, or merging with a company that can provide the stability they need to return to developing whatever it is they set out to make, can be a lifesaver! And in the blockchain and crypto sector, there's an abundance of them.

Led by CEO Bruce Jeong, in addition to their M&A launch, TNC Group's other noteworthy projects include their native cryptocurrency, and blockchain powered eCommerce platform Buyaladdin. 

You can find TNC IT Group online at

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

ABBC Releases Major Platform Update, Steps Closer to Crypto eCommerce Vision...

Dubai, UAE, August 9th, 2019 - The ABBC Foundation, in partnership with New York-based custom blockchain development firm, DeepDive.Tech, is proud to announce the production release of ABBC’s new blockchain and multi-platform/multi-crypto wallet.

ABBC Foundation, the company behind Buyaladdin, has just announced the release of a major platform update to the ABBC ecosystem. This update includes a multitude of features that make ABBC a “world class transactional blockchain overnight” according to their CEO, Mr. Jason Daniel Paul Philip.

Aside from the Buyaladdin platform which is slated to launch in October, Mr. Philip shared something that ABBC supporters can get excited about — a whole new blockchain ecosystem and wallet overhaul.

Additionally, the ABBC Team will be releasing an updated ABBC whitepaper soon, but prior to that, the team announced a few sneak peeks for their users. With the new mainnet now in place, ABBC customers will experience transactions speeds that are an order of magnitude faster than the previous mainnet, a hassle-free migration between the old and new ABBC blockchain, as well as benefit from a globally distributed, highly availability and responsive enterprise-grade network, just to name a few.

Major Wallet Upgrades

The new ABBC mobile wallet has been completely re-designed by from the ground up and offers many new capabilities which have been developed with the “everyday” end-user in mind.

With the newly designed ABBC wallet, users will now be able to easily transact with not just their ABBC coins, but with a significant amount of existing tokens, all while using the ABBC wallet on any of the supported major operating system platforms (Android, iOS and desktop). The new ABBC wallet also offers full support for other major cryptocurrencies, and currently supports all ERC-20 tokens (1,600 tokens to be exact), with additional token types to be supported in the near future.

Simply put, the ABBC wallet platform enables users to transact across multiple wallet addresses supporting multiple accounts and cryptocurrencies, all from the end user computing platform of your choice.

With upgrades come the topic of migration, and typically migrating is a big hassle for users, but not with this update. According to the, the development partner of ABBC, the upgraded wallet only requires users to click twice to migrate from the former ABBC MC Wallet or Aladdin Wallet to the new Gen 2 ABBC wallet and blockchain. The wallet migration process is so simple and straightforward that users simply need to enter the email address that was used when configuring their previous wallet, and then click on a one-time use link which will confirm ownership of their email address. From there, the wallet and funds migration process will happen instantly.

From Hybrid to DPoS: Faster and More Secure

In addition to the deployment of the new ABBC mainnet and wallet, the ABBC blockchain has updated their consensus algorithm from a hybrid combination of Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of- Stake (PoS) to Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) which delivers enhanced network security, integrity, scalability, and speed.

According to the ABBC Development Team, the new ABBC mainnet already supports 5,000 transactions per second, making the blockchain arguably one of the top performers in the industry today. Tad Einstein, CTO of development partner, mentioned that “5,000 transactions per second is just the start and you can expect to see these numbers increase significantly over time. What makes BBC’s next-gen blockchain ecosystem unique is that we have implemented several disruptive blockchain technologies within the mainnet which will ensure the project’s current and future performance requirements are met.” Boris Heismann, CIO of, also stated that “The new ABBC ecosystem has been created with special features which make it the most efficient blockchain for broad FinTech adoption. Implementing these design considerations were instrumental when you consider Buyaladdin’s global 10 -million customer user base.” Another item that came up in conversation was that each block is being generated every half a second, providing a seamless user experience when transacting.

Distributed Global Infrastructure

The mainnet has been architected to be highly available and globally distributed to ensure a predictable quality of experience for end-users. The global infrastructure supporting the mainnet leverages a hybrid deployment model, with ABBC nodes being strategically distributed across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and privately-owned data centers. This deployment model affords the ABBC blockchain with enterprise grade reliability and resiliency while delivering a low latency transactional experience for consumers.

More info:

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ABBC Proudly Unveils Buyaladdin in Rockefeller Center, New York!

ABBC foundation is proud to announce the Buyaladdin shopping platform. Buyaladdin is truly the next generation e-commerce app that will revolutionize mediums of exchange and prove to be a stepping stone in making cryptocurrency mainstream. We are honored with the privilege to make this innovational announcement in Rockefeller Center, New York on July 16, 2019.

Buyaladdin is the first and only online shopping platform to accept crypto as a payment method. ABBC foundation has worked hard to establish itself as the bridge to cryptocurrency and e-commerce with its projects. Aladdin Wallet has already been launched before the event and was a sneak preview of the disruption it would make in the crypto world, having the unique ability to send crypto through chat.

The Buyaladdin Launch event was hosted by its CTO, Stanley Park. Park talked of the changes that the shopping platform would make: ‘’A whole new world’.  Buyaladdin is announced to launch in October and is set to be used by over 100 million crypto users. Buyaladdin is set to integrate over 50 shopping malls globally, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Rakuten, and AliExpress, to name a few. The platform has integrated over 50 big names globally.

One of the problems with cryptocurrency has also been the uses for it. Besides exchanging for other crypto there was never anything that it could actually purchase. A study by Chainalysis reveals that only 1.3% of Bitcoin transactions involve a merchant. Buyaladdin is looking to solve this, wherein during the event a product demonstrator for the app used Bitcoin to buy a pair of sneakers on the app — a pair of Vans to be specific. Buying cryptocurrency involves a lot of risk because values can be volatile, but ABBC foundation’s new shopping platform is poised to make investors confident.

TNC CEO Bruce Jeong spoke about the changes Buyaladdin would bring, saying ‘’It will be like a boom, like so different from the beginning.” TNC is a company that is set to merge with more than 500 blockchain companies this year.

The event closed with Liberland President Vit Jedlicka giving his final thoughts on Buyaladdin. Liberland is a free republic that has plans on being a crypto-state by running the country through a decentralized autonomous organization as per President Jedlicka’s vision.

A world with paperless payment seems more and more likely to happen as each innovation bests the next. ABBC has a lot more in store for the years to come and Buyaladdin is geared toward catapulting the crypto world into mainstream. On that note, we would like to thank our supporters of ABBC foundation, as well as the Rockefeller Center for having us.

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TNC IT Solutions Group to unite the world of cryptocurrency...

TNC IT Solution Group has been launched to provide blockchain development and security services to fast developing companies in the crypto space.

TNC brings together the skills and experience of a network of more than 500 experts with backgrounds in blockchain and cryptocurrency, information technology, finance technology, commerce and public relations.

Once a company joins TNC, it will benefit from comprehensive support and expert input, as well as a full range of efficiencies and economies. TNC will offer financial support and investment, first-rate developers, tried and tested blockchain strategies, legal services and technical support.

Dubai-based, TNC has already invested US$5m in ABBC Foundation’s BuyAladdin project. The investment will accelerate the app’s development, ensuring fast and secure crypto transactions and protection from possible security threats. TNC’s native cryptocurrency, the TNC, will also be used for payment in the Aladdin Shopping Mall, the world’s first cryptocurrency shopping mall.


“There has been renewed focus on the crypto space over the last few weeks with the recovery of some of the major coins coupled with major announcements from established tech players,” says Bruce Jeong, TNC CEO. “We want to create an environment where ideas can flourish without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. We are excited by the prospect of being able to support young companies with a diverse skill set that helps them focus on their ambitions.”

“Becoming part of the TNC helps us focus on our development without having to bring in untested skills in new areas,” says Stanley Park, BuyAladdin CTO. “It will mean that we can deliver the BuyAladdin app more quickly, which will help investors of all kinds make the most of the opportunities that crypto offers.”

TNC IT Solutions Group is a diversified company that is focused on helping develop companies in the crypto space. With a comprehensive network and a range of skills, the firm intends to grow through M&A, adding promising companies to its portfolio and helping them grow. TNC has been set up to provide a comprehensive blockchain service for our users covering a range of aspects including issuing, marketing, token listing and security.


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