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How Can Decentralized Help Your Brand?

Blockchain tech is rapidly infiltrating many different sectors across the globe and has therefore become a huge talking point of late. With world-famous enterprises, banks and governments taking interested in distributed public ledger advancements, it’s no wonder that blockchain-related events are becoming more frequent with Decentralized – one of the biggest blockchain summits in Europe – set to take place from 14-16 November 2018 in Athens, Greece.

Organized in collaboration with the University of Nicosia – an educational establishment pioneering blockchain developments in the Mediterranean – Decentralized 2018  will welcome over  1200 attendees, 70 speakers and 50 sponsors including finance-focused marketing agency Contentworks.

Attending a conference of this kind is sure to be a great experience, but it can also take your brand to new and exciting heights, helping you to:

1. Know and understand the blockchain sector in detail.

There’s no doubt that Decentralize will attract some of the brightest minds in the blockchain, crypto and finance sector. The panel of speakers which includes field experts such as Susanne Tarkoswki, founder and CEO of BITNATION, Cherie Aimée, Director of Communications at ShipChain INC and blockchain pioneers from the University of Nicosia such as CEO Antonis Polemitis is a real talking point. Those set to give talks know their industry inside out and can offer a host of valuable insights that are well-worth your time and concentration.

2. Network with industry experts and develop your social contacts.

Networking with attendees and speakers is a great way to enhance your knowledge of the blockchain sector – but don’t just leave it all to the last minute. Why not reach out on social media and start forming professional bonds before the conference? Similarly, arranging meetings with companies like Contentworks could help you tap into blockchain specifics such as content marketing and this in turn could propel your business forward in the future. Don’t forget to ask questions, take notes and do all you can to get the most out of this occasion.

3. Get business from other attendees who value your services.

With so many like-minded people gathered under one roof, this is your chance to shine. While you don’t want to come across as overly pushy or salesy, it’s the ideal opportunity to mingle and discuss what you do with individuals who might be interested. Swapping business cards/marketing materials is a great way to start and may lead to business opportunities down the line.

If you want to make your attendance of Decentralized known, your efforts should start long before the event with well-placed PRs. Let your consumers know you’re making the trip!

4. Come across as a progressive company.

The very best companies out there continue to grow and learn constantly. They never stop trying to better themselves. That’s why it’s such a good idea to attend events like Decentralized as it will show you care about expanding your knowledge. To maximise your efforts, be sure to share stories and news on your social channels. Going live is another option but don’t forget to also put your techy devices down and soak up the atmosphere from time-to-time too

5. Bond with your team and let your hair down.

Decentralized is sure to keep your team busy, but when you’re not attending talks or meetings, how about exploring the beautiful city of Athens? There’s so much to see and do in this part of the world with a Sightseeing Bus Tour being one of the best ways to enjoy top attractions without getting too tired. The Acropolis of Athens is a must as is the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum. Greece is also well-known for its cuisine, so how about bonding with your team over a meze?

Decentralized is rapidly approaching. If you’d like to know more about how blockchain marketing can improve the authenticity of your business and encourage retention, arrange a meeting with the Contentworks team today. 

Information provided via press release

Binance prepares to launch an all-new, decentralized exchange - here's what we can expect...

While most of the crypto markets have seen declining prices recently, Binance Coin (BNB) has been on a steady uptrend.

Many attribute this to the high standard upheld by the exchange; is proving itself to be a responsible and discerning marketplace. Each coin undergoes a selective process to determine listing eligibility.

Others claim the growth is due to Binance’s new decentralized sister exchange, soon to be released in 2018 and also using BNB as a medium. Huobi Pro’s HADAX has seen significant increase in volume and number of listed coins, and there’s no reason to believe that Binance Chain will be any different.

While many investors and traders are anxiously awaiting the rollout, there will be a few major differences between Binance Chain and Binance’s main platform.

More coins: The Binance crew will have much less, if any, control over what coins get listed. This is the nature of a DEX. “Most likely anybody can list any coin” founder CZ stated in an interview with Bloomberg.

While this sounds like a bonus to crypto enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that CZ and Binance currently choose to list only projects they believe have integrity. So the decentralized counterpart may be lacking in quality tokens compared to what you are used to.

Slower, with higher fees: According to CZ, the DEX will require much more processing power. At least until significant improvements in tech, expect a snail’s pace and heavy cost.

Less customer support: By nature, decentralized exchanges are automated. While is known for superb customer support, be prepared to handle your own issues when using Chain.

In general, DEX’s are made to be community-run, open-source marketplaces. They are meant to work outside the control of a central authority. This means they can’t be shut down or otherwise censored. While Binance Chain will likely be more user-friendly than other DEXs like IDEX or EtherDelta, don’t expect the same quality experience as their flagship.

However, since decentralized exchanges operate through a peer-to-peer blockchain, you can rest easier knowing that your assets are distributed among thousands of nodes instead of sitting in a central location. All thanks to the security of cryptography.
Author: Jeffrey Byron
Los Angeles News Desk