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Building the bridge from the blockchain, to the $600+ Trillion global securities market - a look at the CDRX ICO...

CDRX is taking on what is probably the biggest complaint when it comes to investing in cryptocurencies - you don't actually own any of the company you're investing in, you only own their token, which functions as a separate fully independent product.

CDRX is enabling the ability to trade equities and bonds as securitised tokens though "Crypto Depository Receipts" or CDRs. This now opens the $600+ global securities market to anyone experienced in trading cryptocurrencies - by making them one in the same.

So, imagine a CDR token that represents a share of Facebook stock, purchasing and owning this token comes with the legal rights to share of Facebook stock - including dividends, voting, and all other typical shareholder rights.

The advantages being shorter transaction times, lower costs, and the ability to have fractional ownership, which means if you buy 25% of a token (0.25) you now have 25% of the rights that come with holding that equity.

To facilitate the trading of these tokenized equities and bonds, CDRX is launching their own platform and exchange - which won't just hold these assets, but also offer trading of other cryptocurrencies and utility tokens - their road map has the launch of this coming in the first quarter of 2019.

They've already shared this sneak peek:

The CRDX CEO David Ward says “It has been more than a year since we first adapted American Depository Receipts to create a bridge between incumbent and developing technologies. We are gratified to see large broker/dealers also now embracing our idea. ADRs are a 90-year-old proven and trusted approach, which when combined with technologies perfect for use in financial markets, will drastically increase efficiencies for investors and issuers alike. We are at the forefront of these developments and subject to regulatory approvals, look forward to launching CDRs on household names, in selected jurisdictions, from early 2019.” Ward's previous experience includes portfolio management, and commodities trading.

The CDRX pre-sale goes live at the beginning of November, with the public sale at the end of the month.

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Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk