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Britney Spears - A Secret Bitcoin User Since 2014? Pop Singer May Have Used Bitcoin To Hide Funds From Father...

Britney spears bitcoin

Britney Spears used Bitcoin back in 2014 to hide transactions from her father, claim Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, hosts of the ​“Toxic” podcast, calling the evidence they've seen "irrefutable" evidence.  

The pop singer is currently in legal proceedings to revoke the rights of her father, James Spears, who currently has legal oversight of her finances. This power comes from being granted a legal 'conservatorship' which he claims is necessary due to his daughters "battle with mental illness"

But critics point to her father issuing over $5 million in pay to himself ($16,000 per month) as evidence of abuse.

The documents accessed by Barker and Gray, if true, show that the singer was using Bitcoin since 2014 to make certain purchases without her father knowing about it. It is highly unlikely Bitcoin was on anyone's radar in 2014 so in theory, this may have worked.

While Britney doesn't seem like 'the type' to have been an early Bitcoin user, she really only needed to have 1 friend who is. Given the lack of 'user friendly' options back then, someone helping her do this is the more likely scenario.

Fans of the singer and even many celebs are currently supporting the #Freebritney campaign, offering encouragement to Spears in her battle to gain her rights back. 

However, critics of the movement say courts don't casually conservatorships and her being put under one, and past failures to end it are signs that the public is likely unaware of the severity of the case, saying judges 'surely have reasons' why this would be best for her. 

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
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