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New Sam Bankman-Fried Book Begins Before Scandal, then the Story Takes a HARD Turn...

Michael Lewis met with Sam Bankman-Fried over 100 times, for a book that was intended to simply be about an 'interesting character' - then things take a dramatic turn as Sam is arrested for fraud. 

Lewis, known for bringing vibrant characters to life in his writings, navigates through the intricate and now controversial journey of Sam, providing readers with a compelling story that intertwines ambition, innovation, and the shadowy facets of financial operations. This narrative, once a tale of financial ingenuity, is now imbued with the stark realities and consequences that sometimes lurk behind the scenes of financial success.

Video Courtesy of 60 Minutes

Against Lawyer's Advice, Sam Bankman-Fried is Talking Again - It Isn't Going Well...

Sam is doing interviews again - which is something no CEO in his position has done before.

Sam's decision to continue speaking publicly has already caused his original lawyer quit,

What Sam doesn't seem to understand is there is no valid reason/excuse for what happened - it's that simple.  Therefore, nothing he says can make it better.

Reaction to his latest interviews have been predictable.

"[Sam is] Either the STUPlDEST man alive, or all those funds donated to lawmaker’s political campaigns is paying off… He’s acting like he’s been told ‘you have nothing to worry about’" Tweeted Crypto Press Association Editor in Chief, Ross Davis.

In this video, Michael Novogratz, Billionare CEO of Galaxy Digital reacts to Sam Bankman-Fried's interview yesterday at The New York Times' DealBook Summit.  Novogratz calls Sam as 'delusional' and believes he "needs to prosecuted".

Video courtesy of CNBC