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Wall Street Billionare Michael Novogratz: Bitconnect a "SCAM" an "old school ponzi"...

Mike Novogratz is a former Goldman Sachs partner, and head of Galaxy Investments.  Currently building a $500 Million cryptocurrency fund for large investors.

He is now the latest to add his name to the list of experts openly calling out Bitconnect for what it is - a scam.

Yesterday, after Bitconnect refused to answer questions unless they were from a pre-approved list, one of our reporters confronted them.

Cracks in the pyramid are beginning to show, from suspicious missing funds, to questionable data on their business registrations, and multiple registrations under multiple names. 

Another reporter here is working on a full investigative report to be published soon.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

He made billions on Wall Street - now he's betting $500 Million that bitcoin will break $10,000...

Meet Michael Novogratz.  He's been a partner at Goldman Sachs, and principal at investment firm Fortress.

Now, he's dead set that cryptocurrencies will be the next market with huge returns.

He's such a believer, he's starting a $500 Million dollar investment fund - of which $150 million will be his own money. For the rest he plans on convincing other high profile and wealthy investors that blockchain is about to change the world.

"Blockchain will change the way we live" he said on CNBC. "This is not going away."

In fact, he's so excited about the future of cryptocurrency, he's come out of retirement just to claim his piece of the pie.  "I never thought I'd come out of retirement but the space is so exciting right now I decided to build a business".

While he may be the biggest, most well known to jump from Wall Street to crypto, he doesn't think he'll be the last.

"I can hear the herd coming" he says, and his involvement may be the tipping point for skeptical investors to follow him along.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk