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[ Update:  Adding this after using for several months - the smartest move I made was setting up my paychecks to be direct deposited into my Cred account.  Instead of funding it with some here and there, I'm boosting my credit score with every transaction I make because they're all coming from Cred now! ]
How many extra features do you need to persuade younger adult to download your app? Try no fees, no interest, credit optimization, self-destructing account numbers, future paycheck spending, configurable settings, a solid metal card, and the promise of more features released on a regular basis.

That's what new financial-tech app is offering, if you use special code RMSCKZ at signup you'll unlock MAXIMUM benefits!  This could be considered a 'promo code' as it functions no differently, it's a code you can type in, and those who do are rewarded.  Think of it as a trick to unlock the MAXIMUM benefits - that can include free cash, gifts, features etc.

Because nearly two-thirds of Millennials don't have a credit card and the banking system is notoriously tough to disrupt,'s CEO Ry Brown and Cofounder David Adelman took a calculated gamble when they started the company. Despite this, the team of "hackers, artists, biologists, and recovering bankers" has recently created a product.

Hacking The Banking System, Boosting Your Credit Store...

This is why is drawing so much attention, they've developed a way to change how/when your funds actually move from one place to another, making every transaction where you use the Cred debit card count towards boosting your credit score.

The Cred app's "Unicorn card" is based on a proprietary platform that is touted as "banking infrastructure," since has met bank compliance norms. The group, which comprised six attorneys, an astrophysicist, twenty engineers, journalists, and a 3D animator, collaborated to learn about banking. Brown tells me that the only way to make the card was to start from scratch, which is why co-founder and main investor David Adelman has compared the company to Tesla.

"We attacked an archaic and rigid sector as if it had no constraints," says the co-founder, "with the idea that we could rebuild it into something fundamentally superior via hard work and imagination. Of the forty different initiatives [I've invested in over the course of my career], this is by far the most fascinating."

In the credit financial market, there has been virtually little innovation. Instead, the founders were inspired by financial technology.

So, Here it is, The Special Code...

Our readers can now use this Cred special code, when signing up you'll see a place to type this in: RMSCKZ and it will automatically get you the best incentives and extras available like a 'welcome' cash bonus and the coolest looking card on earth, the BLACK METAL CARD for FREE!

This code will ALWAYS give you whatever is the top promotion for your area!

"Think of RMSCKZ as the Cred app's VIP special code" said Stephen Darvy, a Cred app user from Silicon Valley.

Check them out at

...and if you missed it, check the short update I added after using Cred for a few months, at the very beginning of the article.

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