Best FREE Crypto Trading Bot - Even in Bear Markets There's Profitable Trades To be Made... if You Catch Them!

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Top free crypto trading bot

If you're serious about becoming a successful crypto trader, then you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal, and one of the most powerful tools available to traders is bots.

Bots are programs that allow your trading strategy to to be implemented, without you having to lift a finger. tomate your trading strategies. By using bots, you can take the guesswork out of trading and let the bot do the hard work for you.

I have 8 bots running as of the time of writing this, the newest one has already been running for over a week.


Most crypto bots are not free, you'll typically pay a monthly fee or percentage of your earnings.

Once you find the bot you want to use, you'll need to connect it to an exchange via API - those new to trading often give up here. 

But remember - because different exchanges have different coins being traded, the bot you decide to run may not be built to work with the exchange you use.


You'll see why this wins the title of the 'best free crypto trading bot' as literally EVERY unpleasant step above comes already solved when you use Pionex.

No more wondering if the bot is compatible with the exchange, even if is, you still need to go though all the verifications exchanges make you do these days for API access before you can even use it. 

Pionex is an exchange, but what makes it stand out from the rest is their build-in trading bots you can use right away...

Oh yeah - and they're FREE TO USE! No fees to join, no fees to use them. 

They're now up to 16 Proven Bots, each with a different trading method giving you something profitable for any market condition. All highly customizable if you wish to, or use the option to have AI automatically use the most optimal settings.

Among the 16 bots are some well-known, long time proven winning strategies such as Grid Trading and Leveraged Grid Trading, Martingale, Coin Rebalancing and many more.

Profit in a Bear or Bull Market...

Use Reverse Grid Bots when you think the market will move downward.  You can find details on all 16 bots offered on the Pionex website, go to their 'Bot Academy' where you'll find written instructions and video tutorials.

I have seen so many people successfully use these free trading bots, . I believe by sharing these bots, we can help even more people become more informed and join in that success. 

By helping others become more successful, we can create a more thriving and vibrant community.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk 
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