Pro-Gamers From Popular Team 'Faze Clan' Have Been Kicked Out, After Allegedly Pushing A Scam Coin...

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Scam-hunting youtuber Coffezilla lays out the case against Faze Clan members Faze Kay, Faze Jarvis, Faze Teeqo and Faze Nikan. 

They insist they weren't 'in' on the coin being a pump-and-dump scheme - but once their wallets were tracked down, several show a different story. 

The worst part - the coin was called 'Save the Kids' and promoted as a charity. 

UPDATE: Faze Kay has been kicked out of Faze Clan! Faze Jarvis, Faze Teeqo and Faze Nikan have been suspended! Joel Morris released a statement where he admits to selling and steps down from $XCAD.

Video courtesy of Coffeezilla

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