Bitcoin Touches, But Struggles To Hold $18,000! Prepare For What Will Probably Happen Next...

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*Updated* Article & Headline Updated To Reflect The $18,000 Price Being Reached...

Bitcoin's bull run continued today, breaking the $18,000 barrier but dropping back to the high $17k's just minutes after. 

It is the first time since the beginning of January 2018 that we've seen these levels.

In our article last week titled 'Bitcoin Has Been Above $15k Only 20 Days, EVER - Until Now!' we explained why this time is different from 2018, and why we do not expect a crash to follow the next time we set new all time high.

What To Expect Next:

'There will be no crash' does not mean there won't be some downward movement as well.

After all - this is Bitcoin, and if you've been trading it right you've come to love the ups and downs.

On that note, some are expecting things to take a slight downturn soon, before we set new records and break into the $20,000+ range for the first time.  This will happen either right after, or just a little before $18k.

"Consolidations are getting shorter without much retracement. Blow-off top is coming soon." one trader shares his thought on the current charts.

I wouldn't be surprised to return to $16,000, or at the most, a drop into the $14,000's before the next run up, where I believe we will make history and set that new 'all time high' as we cross the illusive $20,000 barrier. 

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk 

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