YouHodler vs Who is the Champion of FinTech?

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At first glance, YouHodler and are very similar products with a few intersecting features. However, after digging deeper into both products, one will find two completely different platforms with unique visions. Which one is for you depends on personal preference but let’s try to break up the pros and cons of each as best possible so you can make a well-informed decision.

YouHoder vs What are they all about?

YouHodler is a FinTech platform that has a main focus on crypto-backed loans in fiat (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP), crypto (BTC), and stablecoins (USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAXG, DAI, HUSD). The platform also has universal conversion between all assets on the platform in addition to high-yield savings accounts and some other creative trading tools we’ll get into later.

YouHodler supports all the top 15 coins/tokens and user’s digital assets are guarded with Ledger Vault’s advanced security and custody option. YouHodler is an active member of the Crypto Valley Association and the Blockchain Association of the Financial Commission. is a cryptocurrency and payment platform that over the years, has evolved into a wide range of products that help promote the adoption of crypto on a grander scale. Currently, has an exchange, a Metal Visa card with 5% cashback on all spending, digital asset savings accounts, crypto credit, and a wallet. They also have two tokens (CRO and MCO).

YouHodler vs Comparing the core features

Crypto-backed loans: Use the top 15 coins/tokens as collateral for an instant loan in fiat, crypto or stablecoins. YouHodler features the highest loan to value ratio in the industry (90%) and loan fees range from 1% - 7%. There are three different loan plans to choose from all with flexible management options

Savings accounts: Earn interest in crypto and stablecoins with compounding interest rates up to 12% APY. Payouts are weekly and users can still use other features of the platform while continuing to earn interest.

Multi HODL: A 100% original feature powered by YouHodler’s crypto lending engine. With this tool, users can take a “chain of loans” that help them either buy more crypto or sell more crypto to profit depending on which market direction they choose. Combined with savings accounts, Multi HODL helps users earn interest on an indefinite amount of crypto in what YouHodler calls “Limitless Savings Accounts”

Turbocharge: Similar to MultiHODL but less flexible. Turbocharge helps users take a chain of loans to buy more crypto using and multiply their portfolio using a small initial amount of collateral.

Conversion - Universal conversion capabilities between all crypto, fiat, and stablecoin on the platform.

Exchange - features a crypto-to-crypto exchange. To access the full benefits of the exchange, users must download the app first. wallet - This is a separate, non-custodial wallet that needs another app. Since it’s non-custodial, the wallet lets you take full control of your private keys, however, you cannot access other services with this app. You must link the wallet app to your main account to transfer funds.

Savings accounts - Here, users can earn up to 8% p.a. On cryptos like BTC and up to 12% p.a. On stable coins like USDT.

The main app - The foundation of the entire ecosystem is in the app itself. Available for iOS and Android, the app gives users full access to all the features.’s native token (MCO and CRO) is used in this app for a variety of purposes. By staking the MCO token, users can get more benefits on the app like higher returns and rewards on the card.

YouHodler vs Pros and Cons

YouHodler Pros
  • An easy to use app with clear, beautiful design
  • Created by a reputable team with vast experience in FinTech and crypto
  • Daily compounding interest 
  • 90% LTV on loans
  • Access to high-Interest rates on 12% without needing to stake some native token
  • $150 crime pooled insurance by Ledger Vault
  • No hidden fees (transparent fee structure)
  • No credit checks on loans. Flexible repayment plans
  • A good relationship with Swiss institutions which are famous for 
  • reputation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unique and creative features not found anywhere else Pros
  • Complete crypto ecosystem
  • Crypto-powered debit card with attractive rewards
  • Earn interest on deposits up to 12%
  • High-speed crypto exchange with low fees
  • Frequent promotions for users
  • Unlock higher interest rates with native token
  • Nice interface
  • Global service

YouHodler Cons
  • Android app can be buggy at times
  • Does not provide service to USA citizens
  • No crypto debit card cons
  • Not much transparency in where’s funding came from
  • Complicated two token system
  • To get the full advertised benefits of the platform, users must buy MCO and CRO.
  • YouHodler vs Unique Features

Screenshot of YouHodler’s Multi HODL tool

YouHodler has a couple of unique features not found on other platforms. We mentioned them earlier, Multi HODL and Turbocharge. Multi HODL is sort of an automated margin trading tool that helps users long and short the market with just a click of a button. Included in Multi HODL is the ability to choose your multiplier amount (up to x20) and also set Take Profit and Margin Call levels so you are always sure you exit the market at just the right time. It’s a great way to take advantage of both directions in the market at any time with a wide variety of assets. Visa cards’s unique feature is obviously the Visa card. This sexy, metal pre-paid card makes it more rewarding and easier to spend cryptocurrency in the real world. When you top up the card, your crypto is converted to USD at current market rates with no fees and then loaded up into the card. The card can then be used anywhere a Visa prepaid card is used and as stated earlier. There are certain MCO/cashback rewards on nearly every purchase with the card. While the card is free, the type of card and the rewards that come with it all depend on how much MCO you stake.

YouHodler vs security

YouHodler claims that all operations on the platform are 100% secure and they follow industry best practices in regards to IT security, access rights, data protection, and data encryption. YouHodler stores its fiat funds at reputable bank accounts in Europe and Switzerland and partners with trust fiat payment providers only.

In addition, YouHodler users Ledger Vault’s leading IT infrastructure to safely keep its crypto-assets with a multi-sig, self-custody management solution including a $150 million crime insurance pool. YouHodler performs regular security audits. also has a strategic partnership with Ledger and Ledger Vault with a $100 million direct insurance policy led by Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s Syndicate 2012. 100% of user assets are stored in offline cold wallets.

Any funds that are held in hot wallets are for corporate funds only and are simply there to ensure day-to-day operations are running smoothly for customers. keeps the fiat currency of its customers in custodian bank accounts that are fully regulated and secured. For US residents, the USD balances are covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000.

YouHodler vs affiliate program/refer a friend

Both YouHodler and have an affiliate program or refer a friend program in some format. YouHodler definitely seems geared towards the more professional affiliate marketers of the world. They have an independent platform that helps affiliates monitor their referrals behavior closely and track earnings in real-time. Multiple plans are available to choose from and YouHodler provides a variety of marketing creatives to help affiliates advertise YouHodler effectively and get paid or it. Taking numbers, YouHodler pays crypto or cash for every person that follows think link and becomes an active client. Affiliates can earn up to $100 for each active clients and payouts are every 30 days. refer-a-friend instructions, on the other hand, has a rather simple refer-a-friend program. Users simply refer a friend with a referral link and then they get $50 if that person completes KYC on However, here is where it gets tricky. Users only get paid in the CRO token which is locked in the CRO wallet and can only be unlocked if the user stakes CRO for an MCO visa card.
Youhodler vs The Final Verdict

This one is not an easy decision. At first glance, both platforms have a beautiful, easy to use interface that fits all skill sets. Both savings account offers are attractive and high-yielding and they both offer a wide range of cryptocurrency assets to choose from. The reputation from both teams is fantastic and their security offers make users feel safe. There is no doubt that these two platforms are major pillars of the industry and far from any shady, low-budget startup operations. Honestly, you can’t go wrong choosing either option but there are a few key differences that cause us to lean towards YouHodler.

For one, YouHodler seems inspired. Their innovative features like Multi HODL and Turbocharge, in addition to all the customizable tools found within those features, are something other platforms don’t have. YouHodler is not a copycat of other lending platforms but a unique service doing their own thing in their own way. This is an exciting characteristic of the platform and makes one look forward to the future of this creative team. Furthermore, YouHodler doesn’t have any strange promotional “quid-pro-quo” deals as has. The fact that advertises so many wonderful benefits but forces you to buy one of its two tokens comes across as a bit dishonest and profit-driven. Essentially, that sums up the end of this comparison.

Despite its many productive features, seems driven by profit and self-promotion while YouHodler seems driven by innovation. For that reason, we think YouHodler wins this round.

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Author: Ryan Kalbari
Toronto Newsdesk / Bitcoin Loan Reviewer

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