Global Survey of 1000+ Executives Shows Shocking EXPLOSION In Companies Adopting Blockchain...

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Blockchain popularity survey
The survey included 1,488 executives, based on their organizations' annual earnings, and one thing is becoming crystal clear - the future of blockchain is VERY bright! The data comes from the just published  'Global Blockchain Survey 2020' conducted by Deloitte, a consulting company.

Important to note, the data doesn't reflect only western nations, it includes companies from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and South Africa. Singapore and Hong Kong represented the Asia Pacific region.

Exploding In Popularity...
39% of respondents say their organizations already have blockchains in production, with larger companies coming in above that average - 41% those with incomes of more than 100 million(USD) , and 42% those with incomes greater than 1,000 million are already on board.

Fear Of Being Left Behind...
One key figure behind the rise, was the question "I believe my company will lose a competitive edge if it does not adopt blockchain technology" was a statement 82% of them agreed with.

China With A Wide Lead...
We've heard China is aggressively developing blockchain technologies and implementing them in a variety of ways, but according to this survey 31% of respondents in the United States say that blockchains are already in production at their companies, and China nearly doubles this amount, coming in at 59%.

China also topped another interesting question - can they see blockchain/cryptocurrency replacing fiat cash? 93% said yes. Which would explain why they're also first to be testing a national cryptocurrency.

One We Weren't Expecting...
But the one people were most surprised to see, a nation rarely mentioned when it comes to blockchain, Ireland - 48% of companies there say they're already using, or actively working toward implementing blockchain tech.

A full PDF report of the data can be downloaded here.
Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk

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