Crypto Bot Maker Will COVER YOUR LOSSES, You Still Keep The Profits - If You Try It This Month...

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pionex bot review
It's been awhile since there was something in crypto I could honestly say 'you're a fool if you don't at least try' - but this is definitely one of those things.

So, we covered the platform doing this a few weeks back we did our initial review of the new "exchange with bots built in" called Pionex.

For those who have never traded with a bot, typically you first join an exchange, then choose a bot made by a 3rd party, and put the two together yourself. 

With Pionex, bots are just another trading option - do you want to buy, sell, or have a bot take these funds and let it trade them for awhile?

You can see  our Pionex review here that we did a few weeks ago.

If you're familiar with everything already and just want to get the 'we cover your losses' deal, scroll down to the bottom.

For everyone else, here's just a quick rundown of everything so far including the results since we last talked about this.

Note: The ''Profit Yours, Loss Ours' promotion is for this month only and ends May 31st!

Their Big Claims Caught Our Attention...

We saw something of theirs, I can't remember where, but I do remember it showed some of the profits they claimed their users were getting, so based on experience, initially we were expecting to be disappointed

...But we've actually been using the platform ever since we first tried it out, and still going strong!

Using their Grid Trading Bot on Trading pair ETH/USDT I've earned a 14.55% return in 11 days, which is a 499.49% Annualized Return.

Just yesterday I launched a BTC/USDT Grid Trading Bot and it's earned 4.58% in 22 hours, on track for a 1784.6% Annualized Return.

Before We Go Further...

You need to understand what your bot will be doing, so if you're not familiar with grid trading'  this video is barely over 1 minute long and will give you the basics.

As you can see, it's a method that works perfectly with cryptocurrency's volatility.

Okay - It's Time To Get Trading! 

Pay attention here because it's important you follow these steps exactly and n this order.

  • Make Your (free) account here - Important to use this link to get this promotion.  Use your web browser to sign up.
  • Feel free to look around the site, you can do pretty much everything through a web browser - but their 'profit yours, loss ours' campaign only applies to trades made via the new app. If you prefer the web version, use it to make your choice, but the app to execute the trade.
  • Download the Android or iPhone app.
  • Once installed, follow these instructions to unlock the promotion inside the app...

Follow these steps in the Pionex app.
"We'll make sure that you won’t suffer any losses while using the bot." says Mario Liu from Pionex.

They've taken out a 1,000,000 USDT insurance fund so anyone curious can try it out risk free. So if you haven’t used the trading bots on Pionex before - now is the time!

If you need any help along the way, once you sign up and make your free account you'll find links to their telegram channel where you can ask questions.
Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk - Pionex Review

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