BEGGING For Permission To Search The City Trash Dump, PRAYING To Find His Hard Drive with 7,500 Bitcoins On It...

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This story is painful to watch.  Follow the man who was one of (perhaps the first) person to ever mine Bitcoin.  Back then it was easy, and his old computer held a nearly worthless 7500 BTC on it when he became bored and moved onto other things.

Smart enough to save the hard drive in case Bitcoin became popular in the future, but not careful enough when he was cleaning up... days later realizing he threw away the wrong one.

Worth about 50 MILLION today, he knows where it is - the massive city trash dumps.

But so far local leaders haven't let him conduct a search.  He has investors willing to bring machines and man power, and even offered to give a cut to the city government.

Video courtesy of Strive Finance

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