The “Michael Jordan of Crypto Trading” Never Traded Crypto... He's Now Under Arrest.

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They aren't the brightest, but for about 18 months these two idiots enjoyed the good life - unfortunately the money they were spending was stolen, scammed after convincing investors they were masters of trading crypto.

John Michael Caruso and Zachary Salter were arrested by the US Secret service, and the allegations against them are good for a few laughs. While the $7.5 million (and authorities suspect more) stolen isn't funny, the level of delusion is so surreal it's like they scammed themselves into believing they were running a real business.

They were anything but humble - but they were building an image of confident, successful experts, so some bragging is to be expected.

Playing up his middle name like no one has before, John Michael Caruso called himself the “Michael Jordan of algorithmic cryptocurrency trading" explaining "I’m not in the business of guessing, I make calculated trades using tested principles and algorithms since trading is using historical models to predict the future".

...then he lost at least $1.6 million gambling in Vegas.

His partner Zach Salter is a pure psychopath based on an interview in Entrepreneur published June of last year.  Here he rambles on about hard work, and charity... two senior citizens are among those allegedly scammed.  Read it if you're in the mood to cringe.

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[Video Courtsey Of ABC News Arizona]

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