She's On The FBI's "Most Wanted" List For Scamming BILLIONS From Crypto Investors - But She Hasn't Been Seen Since 2017...

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Marketing it as the 'bitcoin killer' Dr. Ruja Ignatova once said on stage at one of her events "in two years, nobody will speak about Bitcoin any more!".

As it turns out, it's been two years, bitcoin is doing just fine - and nobody has had a chance to speak with her. 

That's because she's been on the run after governments around the world began cracking down on her ponzi scheme 'OneCoin'- which fooled over a million people to invest an estimated $5 to $15 billion in it. 

One million people who didn't do their research. 

There was no blockchain, no actual cryptocurrency. Just a 'get rich quick scheme' and they promised to 'handle all that technical stuff'.

It's been nearly 3 years on the run, her brother sits in prison after taking the fall - where could Dr. Ruja be today?

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Video courtesy of Coldfusion

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