After 3 Years Of Beta Testing, Brave Browser 1.0 Has Just Been Released! Hacked Version Of Chrome Pays Users Crypto...

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The Brave Browser has grown in popularity at a steady pace since its inception in 2016, but there's still so much people don't seem to know when it comes to this privacy-focused alternative.

With multiple startups trying out the crypto reward model for browsing the web with their browser, let's take a look at who holds the top spot among them.

Released in 2016... but not officially, until now!

Okay, even I wasn't aware of this. But until a couple days ago, Brave wasn't officially 'released' - if you used it, you were technically helping them beta test it.

The fact it took 3 years for them to feel confident enough to consider it complete, means it's running smoothly and as intended for the vast majority of people.

I mean, 3 years of testing!? They better have worked out any bugs! Personally, we haven't experienced any.

Brave = Chrome... without the creepiness!

Possibly the biggest factor, and what actually convinced me to download it - if you like Google Chrome there's really no excuse not to use Brave instead - because it is Chrome!

How so? Well, Google releases Chrome as an open source project called Chromium, meaning developers can then download the code, and modify it as they wish.  In the case of Brave, they've stripped away every creepy tracking tool Google had built in.

So, unless you're saying "But I like knowing Google can see what i'm up to! In fact, I've always wanted a big brother - I actually find it comforting!" you should be using Brave by now.

Since at it's core it is Chrome, most plug-ins and extensions made for Chrome will work on Brave!

An entirely new monetization model...

"Today's Internet is broken" says Brave co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich, that's why they set out to replace it "with something better that works for everyone".

Also recently launched, Brave's advertising network. Unlike any of the top advertising platforms, the revenue is shared between Brave and the person viewing the ad (you).  You'll also earn tokens just for being a user, some of which are then distributed to the websites you've visited. 

Own a website? YouTube channel? You can register it with Brave, and when people using the browser visit your site, you'll receive some of the funds they're distributing automatically.  The more time people spend on your site, the larger your share. 

The numbers are pretty impressive so far too - at the time of publishing there are 35889 websites participating, but keep in mind 1 site be home to multiple creators.  So, YouTube counts as just 1 of those sites, but Brave says there's already 220,000+ YouTubers signed up.

This feature has expanded from YouTube and now allows users of Twitch, Reddit, Vimeo, GitHub, SoundCloud and Twitter to register their usernames with Brave, and start to recieve tokens from their followers.

The Token...

A couple of times now, people I've spoken with knew of their "Basic Attention Token" which trades under 'BAT', but didn't know it was the token for the Brave Browser.

It began the year at $0.13 USD, but currently is treading at $0.25 USD, so things have gone well for those who got involved so far.

You also won't have any problems turning that token into cash when the time comes, it's listed at many major exchanges, like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, etc.

The Crypto Press Association team agrees that Brave Browser gets an "absolutely worth trying" endorsement from us - so give it a shot! You can download it free here!

Author: Ryan Stewart
Northern California News Desk

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