This Mark Cuban Backed Blockchain App Ready To Pay 'Up to $600/yr' if You Stream Media...

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We covered this project in a much earlier phase, back in Feb of 2018 when we had recently learned Mark Cuban was joining the project as an adviser.

Since then I've been occasionally checking in to see how things were coming along, and I finally feel like I can say 'time to start paying attention to this one'.  The app has been completely revamped since we first looked, now it's starting to feel like the app they were planning to build back then.

The latest update includes a highly requested feature that most streaming apps are lacking - the ability to record.

Let's go over why I think there's legitimate potential here, if you agree you can even get yourself an invite to try it right now.

It passes the 'Are they offering something useful?' test...

This is to determine if people actually use it after the initial excitement, or will it end up one of those apps they haven't opened in months?

On that note, I absolutely think this could become one of the apps someone uses every day.

Because Current isn't a new platform - it's a new way to play content from your favorite platforms, all in 1 app.  No more switching between apps because you want to switch between a song on Spotify, and a video on YouTube - Current will play both!

We could stop here and it would probably be a success, and this isn't even their strongest appeal.

This means an insanely powerful 'search' tool...

Because Current is multiple platforms in 1, that means the it also becomes home to the ultimate search engine, with the highest odds of finding what you're looking for as it looks through several of the largest media databases at the same time.

They're ready to pay users 'up to $600 per year' to use the platform...

So imagine this, a company currently can advertise on YouTube, and have a commercial play before/during/after someone else's video.

With current, they can offer people a reward for viewing the video, AND a reward for giving them feedback on it.

Spotify or YouTube can play you an ad promoting another app, but Current can offer users a reward for installing it right there!

Feedback in exchange for rewards, there's some already available...
This is going to appeal to advertisers, no question about it.

There's a lot to come...

Current doesn't want to be an app, they want to be a company that started with an app.

The next thing we may see from them an Android based smartphone, where they say they'll integrate some of their crypto earning features directly into the operating system, allowing the user to earn from more than streaming media.

You can still be one of the early users, reserve your invite here now!

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM

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