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BXB Exchange has just launched what a lot of people are calling 'the most addicting way to invest in crypto' and in the process of writing this review I learned exactly what they mean.

They call it "tap trading" and it consists of a 5 minute round following the price movement of a coin in real time.  It's not gambling, but it does feel like you're playing a game, it's crypto trading on steroids... or maybe even something stronger.

How To Tap Trade - It's Simple...

There's a button you should push when you think the price is going to move upwards (so you buy low), and another button for when you think the price will move downwards (so you sell high).

What you're actually looking at is a zoomed in price chart, and while the price fluctuates your making quick buys and sells.

BXB describes tap trading as "...a unique trading product launched by BXB to satisfy the trading needs of traders looking to quickly enter and exit a position. The purpose of this feature is to allow users to track the rapid price fluctuations of a coin to allow them to easily and instantly execute a buy/sell at the press of a button."

100X Leverage Is The Game Changer...

Buying/selling prices can be just a few cents apart - so BXB runs your orders with 100X leverage! Now those pennies are worth dollars and dollars are worth your time.

In fact, they automatically boost every bet to 100x leverage - you're now playing with $100 in value for every $1 you actually hold.  I've played a couple different days now to try it out, and both times there was enough movement upward sand downwards where I was placing over 10 buy/sell orders per 5 minute round, sometimes more!

Observe for a few minutes before jumping in, it felt like after a couple minutes I was starting to get a feeling for signs the price was about to make a significant movement. You can earn some pretty good returns for what feels more like fun than business.

But remember the money is real, so know you limits on 'fun' if you know what I mean.

They're giving all new users a $5 credit, plus 10 BXB tokens to try it out here.

Tweet us what you thought of this new trading method, and how tell us how much you grew that $5 into @GlobalCrytoDev!

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

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