Google to Force Ad Viewing in Chrome, Even w/ Ad Blocker! But For One Cryptocurrency - this May be GREAT News...

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Google Chrome Sinking Ship
Companies will test their customer's loyalty if the upside is large enough, and on that note, Google's next set of plans for Chrome include some changes that I strongly believe will go down in history as a major misstep for the company.

The basic 'what you need to know' is - after a new version of Google's Chrome browser gets released, they begin plans on what comes next.  The plans for what will follow the current version of Chrome you may be using right now, are outlined in a document titled 'Manifest V3'.

Inside Manifest V3 Google addresses the issue of ad blocking, specifically ad blocker plug-ins for Chrome developed by 3rd parties but offered by Google in the Chrome webstore. Some inside of the company share a strong disagreement with the current structure of approving and offering browser extensions that once installed, block Google's own ads.  They see this as them costing themselves what is likely hundreds of millions in revenue each year.

They're not wrong about that - Google even fills a couple of the ad spots on our site, and as someone involved in various projects over the years that turned to Google to fill ad space, I can vouch the revenue earned has been on a steady decline, even if the total number of visitors is on the rise - webmasters around the world are in agreement on what to blame, ad blockers.

A site could be twice as popular as it was 5 years ago, but earning less than it was then.  Depending on how tech savvy a sites audience is, having 10,000 visitors in your traffic stats, but seeing only 2000 of them were served an ad is common now.

Ironically, sites that attract the older, less computer literate generations can still do quite well as they load up internet explorer, and every ad you send them.

The actual changes Google will make to accomplish this comes in 2 parts.

First, changing the rules for the 3rd party developers who make the ad blockers.  If they want their Chrome extension to be available in Google's webstore, they'll need to make sure their ad blocker doesn't interfere with Google's advertising services.

Second, for any developers who thought 'we'll just have people download it from our site instead' - changes to Chrome's API (this is how the developers code interfaces with Chrome's code) now the ad blocker won't be allowed to see an ad is coming to stop it from loading, it will see it the same time you do on screen.

Even developers on Google's message board are surprised there hasn't been an uproar from the public, with one saying "If anything, the current public response is quite mild. I would expect 1000 times more noise and outrage everywhere" and Google sees the lack of angry users as them getting the green light.

So I feel confident in saying - it's happening, don't expect a reversal on this, expect to see Google ads again soon.

There's 1 player in blockchain & cryptocurrency space positioned to benefit from Google going against their users...

Already well known in the cryptocurrency world is the Brave browser, the product backed by the BAT token.  You won't find many disagreeing with the statement that there's a lot of potential here, that's why they've already managed to get their token in the most desired position on the market - listed on both Binance and Coinbase.

But many don't realize - Brave is a modified version of Chrome!

Google decided to make Chrome open source, allowing anyone to access the source code for a stripped down version called "Chromium" making it possible for someone to build on the same framework Chrome is built on. 

Most Chrome extensions work on Brave currently, and most fully functional ad blockers will continue to even after this update.

This won't be the first time Brave has undone Google's wrongs...

Brave is already basically a less-creepy version of Chrome.  They've made the browser harder to track as you go from site to site, by removing it's fingerprint, a unique code only your computer will have, created by looking at it's unique combination of specifications, and configuration.

At the same time, people who WANT ads is starting to catch on...

But not how Google is proposing it.

There's several companies now promoting browsers or extensions where they show ads, but share the revenue with you.  Among those companies, once again is Brave can be found pursuing the emerging trend.  If someone's going to get paid from your web surfing, shouldn't it be you?

Make your plans because soon you'll wake up, see ads in places you've never seen them before.

Then you'll realize you're actually just seeing ones that were always there, they were just blocked.  Stay one step ahead, download Brave now rather than wait until you start seeing ads in Chrome again.

Honorable mention: Another alternative browser focused on user privacy and control, Dissenter.

How do YOU feel about the changes Google is making to Chrome?  Will you keep using it?  If not, what's your solution?

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*Edit (Additional Information Added) 7/16/19
Author: Ross Davis
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