This 'Provably Fair' Crypto Casino Just paid Out $100k to One Lucky Player...

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This crypto casino’s unique jackpot slot has just paid out its highest win yet. Player LETTERMAN43 was the lucky winner of $100,100 in a single spin, a sum that has to date broken his own win record as well as CryptoSlots’.

The game Jackpot Trigger is a unique feature of this successful online casino, which was launched last year by well-established game provider Slotland Entertainment. The 100k win is second only to the – as yet unconquered – one million dollar jackpot. The aim when playing is to match colors and numbers across 3x3 reels with the aid of a hold feature. The million win is hit when the same symbol matches across all reels.

“With CryptoSlots we always wanted to do things a little differently. Tying the jackpot in with a Provably Fair slot was a way to make it accessible to all players.” said casino manager Michael Hilary.

What does Provably Fair mean?

Provably Fair is a mechanism by which players can prove games as fair. It is a relatively new concept but one that is on the rise. As a Blockchain method, Provably Fair is tied in closely with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies makes payments transparent – Provably Fair makes the gameplay itself transparent.

A set of game outcomes are randomly created before the spin of any slot, or the shuffle of any card deck in video poker. After the player makes their play they can check the previously hashed outcomes to match their end result with one of the set potentials. It sounds more complicated than it is. At CryptoSlots a player only has to click on the Provably Fair section in the game menu to easily display the process. Although many online casinos are now adopting the practice of Provably Fair, CryptoSlots is one of the first to make all their games Provably Fair. Every single game result can be guaranteed as random, including on the Jackpot Trigger.

The Crypto Effect on Online Casinos

CryptoSlots is one of a crop of crypto-only casinos. Astute online gamblers now know the virtues of using cryptocurrencies to play. Payment processor issues are eradicated, with transactions that are safer and faster. The global online gambling market is on track to reach $94 billion in value within the next 5 years, and crypto is estimated to play a huge part in this increase.

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