Researcher surprised after polling financial advisers: 80% have clients asking about crypto, advisers considering offering it has more than doubled!

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Matt Hougan tells ETF Trends the surprising results of polling 150 financial advisers.

Interesting data points that came to light include 80% of the financial advisers have had clients ask about cryptocurrencies.  We believe this is what triggered much of what we see now, in regards to the amount of traditional investment firms moving into the crypto market. Their clients inquiries are really a warning - if they can't offer crypto soon, they could go somewhere that does.

The most surprising stat however was the huge jump from 9% to 22% of financial advisers either thinking about, or 'seriously considering' allocating investment funds into cryptocurrency.  Surprising because this followed crypto's rough 2018 - it's extremely abnormal for confidence in an asset to go up, while it's price goes down.

He's also optimistic on a Bitcoin ETF still happening - this year!  Chatter on the topic has almost entirely disappeared, so this would be a major surprise.

Houghan is Global Head of Research at Bitwise, and Chairman of Inside ETFs.

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