Innovasis announces Wall Street executive Stephen Inglis as new CFO, company moves closer to launch of first hotel!

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Innovasis completed their seed funding round last year - you may already know them as “Blockchain Hotels” and remember their pitch of building completely re-imagined, ultra-modern high tech hotels  targeting millennials and digital nomads.

Then, through smart implementation of technology like solar panels, zero waste water systems and blockchain, which will lower operating costs - offer customers surprisingly affordable prices.

In a time when too many ICO’s seem to disappear after funding, these guys never slowed down.  Since then it’s been all about turning that vision into a reality.

So, how have they spent their time?  Scouting potential building sites around the world, consulting with industry experts, coordinating with suppliers and specialists - finalizing every aspect of the plan all leading up to this point.

Now rebranded as ‘Innovasis Hotels’ - it’s all happening.

The location has been chosen - Puerto Rico! Along with that comes a new member of the team to help in this most-important phase of bringing their plans to life.

Innovasis has just announced their new CFO, Stephen Inglis. He brings experience as a top Wall Street Executive now residing in both Puerto Rico and New York, allowing him to be part of every step of establishing the first hotel.

Having experience conducting business in Puerto Rico has given Steven valuable insights, business
connections, an understanding local laws, including Puerto Rico's unique tax incentives.

“The company formed when we imagined all the things we would do differently if we were building a hotel from the ground up.  What made that vision so unique was our backgrounds as professionals in tech.  But no matter how innovative you are, some of the logistics are the same regardless - we’re buying land, building on it, hiring the workers to build it, and hiring a staff to operate it.” says company founder Pawel Alva Nazaruk​ “We’ve studied the industry in depth, but no amount of knowledge makes up for experience - that’s what Stephen brings to the team”.

Stephen Inglis brings Innovasis Hotels his experience from serving as an employee for Morgan Stanley,  Executive Director at both WESTLB Securities and the Arab Banking Corporation, CEO at Enclave Capital, Fund Manager at Green Acres, and VP of Equity Sales at Baring Securities.

However, there’s one more major accomplishment Stephen has under his belt - organizing a Security Token Offering that raised nearly $42 million! 

"STO's are still relatively new, so the list of experienced experts out there could fit on 1 sheet of paper. That's why we're beyond excited to have one of the few, and one of the best among them on our team." says Pawel Alva Nazaruk.

Stephen recognized the potential of Innovasis as being one of the biggest and hottest projects on the market. Impressed with the amount of preparation and research, Innovasis opened their books, let him dig deep - and he was convinced this was a project capable of becoming a massive success!

So what’s next for Innovasis Hotels?  They’ll be signing the contacts soon, already working and building a strong relationship with the government they expect to break ground shortly after!

You can own a piece of the project and position yourself for a smart early entry as soon as the STO begins later this year- by making sure you’re among the first to know when it starts by signing up now at

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