Nasdaq stock exchange's Blockchain Product Manager outlines concept for faster settlements - pay with crypto, instantly receive stock shares back...

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Johan Toll, Head of Blockchain Product Management at Nasdaq says the mutual fund business is 'very very fragmented' with 'a lot of intermediaries' all leading to slow transactions.  He says they're so behind on the tech that even fax machines are still being used.

Mr. Toll then outlines a scenario where blockchain is used to handle sending the payment (so, a cryptocurrency) and then issuance of the shares that were just purchased. Likely facilitated by sending back a security token, which represents a share of a company instead of a monetary value, like a cryptocurrency token.

Then he says - they're testing a system like this now! While still in it's early phase and only being tested in Sweden, Nasdaq would be the perfect candidate to launch such a service in the future!

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