POZESS and PLAAK’s new partnership brings post-ICO exchange listing and increased crypto adoption via biometric hardware wallet...

POZESS, a socially-curated vertical marketplace for fashion and lifestyle powered by blockchain, has announced its strategic partnership with PLAAK. Pozess recently launched its ICO and is currently in its private sale phase of fundraising open to private and institutional investors. The crowd sale will be open to the public in April 2019.

As part of this partnership, POZESS (PZS) tokens will be listed on the PLAAK exchange after the end of its ICO in July 2019. The partnership will also give the POZESS community the opportunity to adopt the POZESS (PZS) branded NFC and Bluetooth hardware wallet. The hardware wallet powered by PLAAK will allow the POZESS community to own and use the PZS token for secure purchases everywhere. The PZS hardware wallet features advanced security features including state-of-the-art biometric identification and authentication, and NFC and Bluetooth technologies, allowing seamless functionality for regular purchases including those made in brick and mortar stores.

“The branded wallet is a giant step towards making cryptocurrency mainstream,” says Kaustuva Mukherjee, the founder/CEO of POZESS. “I fervently believe that mass adoption, security, and ease of use is the way to make digital currency replace the fiat currency for financial transactions soon. The PZS wallet is a step towards that,” he added.

POZESS has been working closely with PLAAK and its co-founders Chai Shepherd and Damien Robson. The partnership with PLAAK will give the POZESS coin holders the ability to trade on PLAAK exchange with various other currencies. At its launch, the PZS coin will be paired with PLK, BTC, ETH, and USD

“This comes as great news to both the PLAAK and POZESS communities. Both teams are looking forward to developing a long-standing relationship of collaboration and to work on future projects as we continue to grow together,” says Naomi Cosman, co-founder and CMO of POZESS.

Christian Herrero who is POZESS’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer says, “we found many synergies and a spirit of collaboration when we first started speaking with the PLAAK team. Essentially the two companies share a common goal: to help make cryptocurrency go mainstream.”

News of this exciting partnership comes on in the heels of Pozess being featured as the “Project of the Month” in the world’s largest Crypto Investor Magazine - The Crypto Investment Times - with Kaustuva Mukherjee headlining as the CEO in Focus.

PLAAK is building a digital ecosystem and is expanding the Ethereum real-world application infrastructure. The company is implementing a microcosm of different blockchain solutions to empower people within one trusted, integrated, simple and secure platform.

PLAAK’s exchange and wallets are the foundation for the ecosystem, providing a decentralized platform for both beginner and expert traders. The exchange takes the best features of other exchanges and puts them in one place. Some of these general features include fiat capability, multiple coins, fast transaction times, low fees and high security.

The ecosystem will also include an investments app, freelance app and health app which will be launched after the exchange. The PLAAK ecosystem is simple to use with authentication and authorization across all apps intrinsically woven into a single login.

For more information join PLAAK’s Telegram group and Discord channel, and visit PLAKK's website.

POZESS has developed a decentralized social marketplace for fashion and lifestyle products that combines social sharing, digital marketing, and e-commerce to give its community a unique user experience. POZESS hopes to enable users to discover products they have never seen before from retailers all over the world. The recently launched web and mobile application is a picture-driven marketplace built on blockchain with a user experience similar to apps like Pinterest and Instagram and dedicated to sharing photos of luxury fashion and lifestyle goods.

Unlike in traditional marketplaces where central management chooses which merchants and products will be listed, on POZESS the user community curates their own marketplace by posting the items that can be purchased and inviting the retailers to the platform via social media.

POZESS users earn crypto rewards for network building activities such as liking and sharing photos of products and commenting on items. Blockchain ensures that the rewards system is fair and secure and enables transactions to be fast, cheap, and direct with no need for a middleman. Smart contracts allow for smooth transactions between shoppers and sellers.

To join the Pozess movement and support the project join the POZESS Telegram group and Bitcointalk channel, and visit the official Pozess Website

Information provided via press release