CoinBase addresses the fake toll-free 'tech support' phone numbers scammers are using to steal cryptocurrency...

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After another reporter here at the Global Crypto Press Association uncovered a fake CoinBase tech support phone number appearing on various Google search results (read that here) we reached out to CoinBase to make them aware of the issue.

A page located on LinkedIn created by the scammers to help distribute the fraudulent phone number.

Today in a post on the official company blog, CoinBase's VP of Security addressed the issue directly, saying:

"If someone calls you posing as a Coinbase or computer support agent, watch out! This is most likely a tech support scam. The fraudster will tell you that there’s a virus on your computer or something wrong with your Coinbase account, and ask you to install remote desktop software or provide your Coinbase login credentials so they can “diagnose the problem.” In reality, they’ll use the access you’ve granted to transfer your cryptocurrency to their own wallets. Remember, Coinbase will never call you."

We're always on the hunt for the latest methods used by scammers, if you spot something new contact us at

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

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