New capabilities of the next generation hardware crypto wallets will have you asking - is it time to upgrade?!

FLX Wallet today announced it has released its innovative crypto currency hardware wallet. The FLX One wallet has been designed to be both secure and extremely easy to use by both new and seasoned crypto currency owners and supports many currencies. With a built-in rechargeable battery, Bluetooth wireless functionality, and iOS/Android mobile apps, you can manage all your cryptocurrencies anywhere. The revolutionary hardware FLX Key is used to backup and restore the wallet.

The FLX One system includes intuitive iOS/Android mobile apps that allows you to easily use your smartphone to make transactions and manage your cryptocurrencies with your FLX One.

The FLX One was designed and tested with ultimate security in mind, and innovative new features to usher in the next generation of hardware wallets!

Exclusive features:
● Disables communication automatically when signing transaction (i.e, wallet adaptively turns itself offline completely) (patent-pending)
● Dedicated hardware, FLX Key, for backing up and restoring your wallet. (patent-pending)
● Truly mobile - manage all your cryptocurrencies anywhere without wires
● Managed currencies solely on FLX One system (Mobile Apps and wallet) and no need to go through 3rd parties

Plus all the essential capabilities you need:
● Encrypted communication between each component in the FLX One system
● Software tamper detection (Permanently lock out FLX One when tampering is detected)
● Personal PIN (at least 6 characters long)
● Exponential lockout time when PIN is entered incorrectly
● Randomized starting keyboard cursor
● Ongoing firmware upgrade capability

The FLX Key is a revolutionary simple-to-use hardware device that is used to backup and restore your account information. If you ever damage or lose your FLX One, you can use the FLX Key to restore your account. The backup process is integrated within the initial setup by inserting the FLX Key to the FLX One wallet, and the FLX One system will take care of the rest (patent-pending). Unlike other competitors, you don't need to hand-record a list of cumbersome phases.

The FLX One currently supports major cryptocurrencies natively. Unlike other crypto currency wallets, you can manage our supported currencies solely on the FLX One system (Mobile App and FLX One) and do not need to use any 3rd party software. With firmware upgrade capability, additional currencies will be added regularly.

Kenny Fok, CEO at FLX, explained: "We looked at other hardware wallets. They are just very difficult to use, cumbersome, and not user friendly. We designed FLX One with Simple-to-use and user friendly in mind. We want typical consumers to enjoy the security of the hardware crypto wallet and have fun with it."

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