These guys are accused of posting pic with Binance's CEO saying their coin's getting listed - now, they're blacklisted for life!

Update: Apology from CZ - "Need to apologize here.  Jumped the gun.  This will not decrease or improve their chances of listing.  Still fair review.  The publicity probably helps them more than it hurts. Apologies regardless."

Wow - this is probably the stupidest move we've seen in a awhile! If what they're accused of is true.

Binance's CEO who goes by "CZ" is seen in the photo posting with two executives from "XinFin" a token that trades under symbol XDCE.  Under it, a caption that they're about to be listed on Binance.

They aren't - and now they never will. "Fast way to get blacklisted.  You won't see this coin on Binance" CZ tweeted out when he discovered what the XFin folks posted.

We've seen the effect getting listed on Binance has for a token - but now we'll see what effect being publicly banned from it could have.

Note from the editor: We still do not know CZ's original source for the photograph. "It was in their telegram group" are the only details given, we covering his accusation, not confirming it.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk