The next generation of crypto-collectibles prepares for launch...

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Crypto-collectibles are still such a new concept - it's safe to say we've only just began to see their potential.

Last year "Crypto Kitties" gave us a small taste of the possibilities, and it was met with such excitement it infamously bogged down the entire Ethereum blockchain due to demand.

Now companies like CoinBase are so sure that wasn't just a short-lived trend, their recently released stand-alone app "CoinBase Wallet" comes with just two features - the ability to store coins, and crypto-collectibles.

So - what's on the horizon for the crypto-collectible space? One project that's caught our eye is "Hedgie".  They're doing a few things differently that could make Hedgie the next big player.

First is how they're making it a possible entry point into the world of cryptocurrency, rather than exclusively targeting current crypto traders. Other collectibles and crypto-based games require someone to already be familiar with cryptocurrency, because to begin first you need you buy one - and Bitcoin and Ethereum are typically the only accepted payment methods.

Hedgie basically throws this business model upside down. Players can purchase their Hedgie the way they're used to buying any game - with a credit/debit card.  Then, by playing the game, they earn cryptocurrency!

The price points are reasonable too - just $10 to own one, or for those who want to go all out, "Exclusive Hedgies" are $100. Once you have one you're in, earning crypto for playing, and the game play itself is free.

"We want to attract casual gamers who are curious about cryptocurrency. It’s a simple but compelling idea: play the game, earn coin, spend it in-game or on real world products and services." says Stas Zlobinski, Hedgie product lead.

Something that should keep people glued to the game is being able to spend the crypto they earned in the real world.  This is the big draw of crypto-collectible based games. Instead of earning valueless "points" in a video game, here you earn tokens - real ones.

Hedgie will pay players in Curio, an actual ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.  They're even setting up partnerships with businesses that will accept them as a payment method - and this isn't some far fetched idea they hope to pull off, they already have a variety of businesses locked in - from clothing brands to food.

The Hedgie pre-sale is live now, and those who get in early can do so at a 50% discount, prices will go up when beta game is launched.

For more info, check out Hedgie for yourself at
Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
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