Soon you may be able to buy a piece of CoinBase - as company reportedly looks to go public and become tradable on the stock market...

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The idea isn't far fetched, CoinBase's own COO Asiff Hirji said "The most obvious path for Coinbase is for us to go public at some point" - but that was late last year, the buzz died down until now.

Host of CNBC South Africa show "Crypto Trader" Ran NeuNer says he has uncovered details he will soon release that CoinBase is about to make it happen.  Saying in a tweet "CNBC Cryptotrader exposes details of the Coinbase IPO raise tomorrow on a Cryptotrader exclusive."

Another sign he may be right, is CoinBase's recent successful move to become a "Qualified Custodian" - in short, it gives them legal authority similar to a bank when it comes to holding money that belongs to it's customers.

When reaching out to one of my contacts inside CoinBase, they had no additional information, saying if it is happening, their department hasn't received any notice.

For now, the official status of CoinBase going public can only be considered "unverified" but very possible - we'll be watching for further developments.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk

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