Senator Elizabeth Warren shares concerns that cryptocurrency is "easy to steal"...

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Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is currently the assumed Democratic Party nominee to run against Donald Trump for President in 2020 - but obviously, it's way too early to know if that's how things will actually pan out.

Today she chimed in on the topic of crypto during a Senate Banking Committee hearing, she said she believes cryptocurrency is "easy to steal" - what that is based on we're not sure, she didn't share how she came to that conclusion.

Easier than what?  We know she couldn't be making the argument that it's easier to steal a private key to a cryptocurrency wallet, than it is to steal a credit card number, for example... right?!

Earlier this year at another committee meeting her comments surprised the cryptocurrency world, when she explained that she believed every blockchain project that was open to investors should be registered with the SEC, saying that all that weren't may potentially be illegal.

“The challenge is how to nurture productive aspects of crypto with protecting consumers” she added.

Warren seems to be learning the ropes still, but leaning dangerously towards advocating for heavy regulation.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk

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