Funds disappear from Canadian exchange - users then 'hunt down' the CEO after company deletes their social media...

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We've been tracking this story since yesterday, and as soon as we think it's reached a point where we could publish an article - the story takes another wild turn.  There's surely more to come, but what we know so far is pretty interesting.

The exchange is called "MapleChange" and is based in Canada, and the problems all began yesterday when users of the exchange noticed all of their tokens were gone.

That's when they made the following announcement on Twitter:

At this point, while their users weren't happy, they seemed to be patiently waiting to see what MapleChange would do next, and find out what the results of their 'investigation' would be.

But before receiving any updates on what happened to their funds they noticed MapleChange deleting their social media accounts, starting with their Discord chat channel. At this point their Twitter account was still active and users started publicly slamming the company.

Accusations varied from saying MapleChange was simply trying to run away from the problem, to saying they were the ones behind the whole thing, that MapleChange stole the funds themselves, and were currently in the process of executing an "Exit Scam" - something both ICO's and small exchanges have been caught doing in the past, where they raise funds, then fake being victims of hackers as an excuse to then steal those funds.

MapleChange responded to these accusations on Twitter with:

Then - their Twitter account disappeared as well.

I thought this was all we would hear for awhile, but things took another turn - as Reddit users got on the case and tracked down the personal information of the exchange's CEO and began posting it everywhere MapleChange was being discussed, as shown in this Tweet from a Twitter account created just to troll MapleChange:

Suddenly, MapleChange re-activated their accounts - both their Twitter and Discord channel were now back online.

Many are saying it's more than a coincidence that as soon as the CEO was 'hunted down' - MapleChange suddenly returned. But MapleChange offered this explanation:

This brings us to what's happening now - it appears all Bitcoin and Litecoin are gone forever, the rest will be returned once they can "properly identify customers and hand back the proper amount" according to MapleChange.

Still unknown is the value of Bitcoin and Litecoin stolen. While initially accused of losing 919 BTC, MapleChange insists "We have NEVER had 919BTC in our wallet".

Also still unknown is what happens next as far as Canadian law enforcement, and civil actions against MapleChange that will surely follow. 

Here in the US, the FBI would be examining the exchange's servers, and users would be preparing their lawsuits. But this is a first for Canada and we'll soon be learning how they respond to such incidents involving cryptocurrency.

If anyone has additional information, contact us or reach out on Twitter @GlobalCryptoDev.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco News Desk

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