CoinSpectator's cryptocurrency news aggregation service brings stories from multiple trusted outlets, to one central feed...

With the explosion of the cryptocurrency world last year, the public's appetite for the latest news surrounding it grew as well.  Making sure the news people are getting is correct has extra importance when it could guide when a trader buys, sells, or holds on to an investment.

I wouldn't go as far as saying all inaccurate information comes with malicious intent.  Sure, there's a few sites where I question everything, and it can be painfully obvious the author's intent is to pump the coins in their own portfolio.  But sometimes, inaccurate rumors start from a 'trusted source' and an 'experienced reporter' who just isn't experienced when it comes to the cryptocurrency world - which can make sorting though the noise particularly difficult.

Even once a news outlet has proven themselves trustworthy, they're still not going to be able to cover every story as it happens - you're going to need multiple outlets to get a complete overview of what's happening.

That's where CoinSpectator comes in, a news aggregation service that takes the latest news from multiple trusted sources in real time, and puts those stories in one central news feed.

"As blockchain enthusiasts we were finding it very hard to monitor news and trends in industry. CoinSpectator was born out of this need." says CoinSpectator co-founder Andrew Sung.

When it comes to filtering out the fake news that can plague the cryptocurrency world, they take a two-step approach that combines their team, and their readers  "We manually approve all resources that are added to the platform for monitoring. Resources are also weighted based on their following and trustworthiness in the community to further rank higher quality content. This helps keep the caliber of stories higher. As well as the above we also monitor and act on misinformation being spread in specific entries and remove them as they are reported/ investigated." says Sung.

The service is free and public, with no signup required.  Check them out at

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco News Desk