Why the story of Goldman Sachs 'putting their Bitcoin plans on hold' makes no sense...

Editors Note: Goldman Sachs' Bitcoin plans were always on hold.

Like every other Wall Street firm, they have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to know if (or more realistically, when) regulations outlining the rules for trading cryptocurrency will happen. 

Until those laws are solidified, it's no surprise they don't want to put large sums of money into the marketplace - if the rules could change at any moment.

Nothing new happened yesterday - except this very old information being distributed as if it were new. 

We don't like jumping towards yelling "conspiracy" or "manipulation" anytime something happens, and we rarely do.

But true story is "Goldman Sachs bitcoin plans are *still* on hold"... as they always have been.

Why was this announced as a new story yesterday? Nothing really changed.