CoinBase is preparing to add more coins, LOTS of them... and this time, it's for real!

Just a couple weeks ago while covering TechCrunch Disrupt here in San Francisco, I wrote a report following an appearance from CoinBase CEO Brian Armstrong where he outlined his vision of one day CoinBase being a marketplace for thousands of tokenized assets.

But other than that, i've ignored all those internet rumors of CoinBase adding a new token, because it's always been bullshit.  Too many times to count now, cryptocurrency communties were thrown into a frenzy following 'credible' rumors that CoinBase was about to add an asset.  Ripple, 0x and Tron all went through multiple rounds of this, and it always amounted to nothing more than people pumping up coins they hold by finding suckers to FOMO buy into them.

But this time is different. Because this time - CoinBase is actually involved!

Just launched on their website is a feature all those exchanges that offer dozens or hundreds of coins have - a form people can fill out to have their token evaluated for consideration to be added to an exchange.

Vice President of CoinBase Dan Romero says  "It’s responding to what customers want. Adding more assets is directly something customers are telling us. So, ultimately, by adding more assets, we are going to increase trust and make the platform easy to user for customers."

Whatever your personal opinion on CoinBase may be - the fact is, they have the largest user base in the US, and many of the people who got into cryptocurrency during the 2017 boom haven't ventured outside of it.  In other words, they don't know how to buy anything CoinBase doesn't offer. 

When CoinBase adds a token, that token is instantly exposed to a massive new investor base that otherwise would have never found them.

If you're thinking this is the end of those fake rumors of the next coin CoinBase is 'about to add' - unfortunately this is probably the beginning of the worst ever run of false information.  So watch out, this is the perfect time for coin pumpers to spread lies - be smart out there folks!
Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco News Desk