After a year of non-stop controversy, could Tron now actually end up living up to the hype?!

Few cryptos have been as controversial in 2018 as TRON (TRX). Accused of plagiarism, vaporware, and hyperbolized marketing tactics, the creators of this project have seen the extremes of human emotions in fans and adversaries. 2017 saw unprecedented growth in the token value, and many investors believed TRON was a pump and dump scam.

But so far, everything has gone as planned for Justin Sun and his operation, from the testnet in the Spring, to the first incarnation of the mainnet (called Odyssey 3.0) and the Super Representative election in June. Now we are just starting to see what the technology is capable with the new Tron Virtual Machine, or TVM.

TVM launched on August 30th and came packaged with smart contracts and a developer kit for decentralized applications. According to their press release, TVM is the first step in creating a “World Computer”. Sound familiar? Yeah, they gave the same pitch for Ethereum, and EOS. Dapps on TVM can be coded in Java, a very popular programming language, and apparently anything created for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) will easily port or migrate to the Tron blockchain seamlessly.

Here is a rundown of some of TVM’s features:

- Fully compatible with Ethereum’s solidity language.

- Virtual memory usage—practically limitless for devs, who won’t need to rely on physical

- Unique resource consumption for smart contracts—easier on end users and callers of

- Ability to create tokens.

- Decentralized exchange.

This Summer the Tron Foundation acquired the file sharing network Bittorent which will connect to the Tron network through a new protocol called Project Atlas. Details have been cryptic, but fans are eager nonetheless.

In addition, the TronWallet was announced, which is said to feature multiple accounts for individual users, a peer-to-peer exchange, smart contract storage, and even a cash-back loyalty program using a unique utility token.

Stay tuned to Global Crypto Press as we’ll be reporting on the first dApps as they become available on TVM and the Tron network.
Author: Jeffrey Byron
Los Angeles News Desk