The UK government aims to put Blockchain to use... in court. Seeks new use in handling "digital evidence"...

Announced by the head of cyber security & digital architecture at the Justice Ministry, Balaji Anbil posted to his official government hosted blog, that they are now officially "Investigating Digital Ledger Technologies to secure digital evidence".

The blog post reads in part:

"Digital Ledger Technologies, such as blockchain are perhaps best known for their use in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As an architectural style, distributed ledgers enable new innovative data solutions that support both high degrees of integrity and de-centralisation. At HMCTS, we are passionate about the application of novel solutions to traditional challenges including evidence sharing, identity management and ensuring citizens have maximum control over their own information. Our service designs are focused on value, simplicity and use of the best modern technology approaches. This brings numerous benefits including cost effective and timely delivery and future proof solutions."

They aim to do a trial run of inter-agency evidence sharing before the year is over.
Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk