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MAKEAFOLIO, INC. aims to be a leading cryptocurrency platform that provides a comprehensive ecosystem, capable of tracking and managing blockchain investments with ease.

Their unique platform caters to the expectations of all experience levels, from novice to professional traders. Users will be able to share and exchange potential management skills through their portfolios in an efficient manner. The registration process will be simple and comprehensive, compared to other web portals so users will not feel overwhelmed.

MAKEAFOLIO, INC. is the first company to take advantage of Apollo Blockchain technology to conduct an ICO. The presale is currently live and contains an attractive bonus of 30% to users who purchase until September 1st. Unlike other cryptocurrency management platforms, Makeafolio offers one of the highest bonuses in their ICO phases.

Exclusive features of Makeafolio
The platform will be comprised of features that will help create a step towards eliminating intimidating factors regarding cryptocurrency portfolio diversification by hosting a suite of tools and creating a social media platform for crypto-enthusiasts. CEO, Spencer Howell, stated that: “First time users can easily learn how to harness the power of cryptocurrency by being involved in our social media platform, built by utilizing the Apollo blockchain. Users will be able to post status’, interact with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and earn MAF for their participation on the platform. We will also offer services such as a oneclick diversification tool that will allow users to take one cryptocurrency and create a completely diverse portfolio. MAKEAFOLIO, INC. will help newcomers by giving them access to cryptocurrency experts through the mentorship program, enabling users to easily learn how utilising cryptocurrency can be beneficial”.

The team behind MAKEAFOLIO INC. aims to educate users that need help overcoming the obstacles related to cryptocurrencies. Traders will be regularly updated on new projects via the token directory, which will analyse and rank projects on many different factors.

Conversion to MAF
Members utilising the platform will be required to exchange a certain amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum to be converted into MAF. Users may choose any currencies on the platforms directory to transition their MAF into a complete portfolio via the one click diversification system. Certain input fields will be made available to help the movement of tokens to personal wallets a seamless process. When users are ready to convert, they will be presented with the 'MAKEAFOLIO' button, which will then automatically convert their MAF into the portfolio percentages of the individuals choosing.

Monitoring the status of cryptocurrency portfolios
The MAF track feature enables traders to monitor the overall health and performance of their investment portfolios. A live chart is displayed on the screen describing the user's performance, token name, amount, existing price, and much more. The leaderboard is a crucial element of Makeafolio as it is capable of ranking each user based on their performance, portfolio values, and accomplishments. Furthermore, statistics are made available to keep everyone updated about the system ranking in an accurate manner.

MAF leaderboard
The MAF leaderboard will host a variety of different statistics relating to each individual participating on the Makeafolio platform. Stats such as ROI, achievement points, cryptocurrency portfolio allocation, and overall rank are easily accessible on the leaderboard. Through the gamification of cryptocurrency, this feature will allow users to compete with their friends and families to have the best performing portfolio on the platform. Makeafolio will make it easy to “mimic” other top performing portfolios directly from the leaderboard. Once you “mimic” another portfolio, you will then have the same portfolio allocation percentages as another user on the platform regardless of its value. For more information on the leaderboard, the whitepaper can be downloaded through the official website.


The main objective of MAKEAFOLIO, INC. is to educate the community about various subjects associated with cryptocurrencies while making it easy to understand. Appropriate information can be shared amongst the platform members, such as blogs, articles, featured mentor videos, and top performing cryptocurrency portfolios.

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